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Game Info

Platform:  Windows

Language:  English, French

Multiplayer:  Up to 12 over internet and Lan

Publisher:  Excalibur - Merge Games

PC System Requirements
  • OS : Windows XP/2000

  • CPU: 700 Mhz

  • Memory: 256 MB

  • Video Memory: 32 MB

  • DirectX: 9.0c

Estimated Download Time
  • File size: 2.40 GB
  • 100Mbit/s: 3m
  • 20Mbit/s: 16m
  • 8Mbit/s: 40m

Description & Game Features

It's time to trounce the Nazis again with your elite group of commandos. Over the Normandy landings, the streets of Stalingrad and finally Berlin itself, you must guide your team through the battlefield puzzles using each of their skills to complete the allied goal: the liberation of the world.
The latest episode of the Commandos saga, Commandos 3 - destination Berlin reunites our much loved (though possibly not by the Nazis) team of Special Forces commandos from the original, to once again defeat the Nazi War machine.
New additions include a cleaner interface, quick changing camera angles and a death match or capture the flag multiplayer mode. However instead of adding more Commandos (as it was the case in Commandos 2), the third game opted to streamline the squad to the mean and lean six: The Green Beret, the spy, the sapper, the diver, the sniper and the driver-thief. Instead of the more weapons, more options and more of everything approach, this sequel distils the very best of Commandos into an even more potent concoction. Missions are now best described as 'suicidal' and you must use the abilities of each commando to the limit. This however does not mean there's only a single way to solve a mission, it's just that there's really no room to fool around here, every action must be well calculated and an essential part of your overall plan. Take for example the very first mission in Stalingrad, where you must single-handedly hunt down an elite Nazi sniper with your own. The problem is that the enemy has longer range and is lightning fast! On top of that, he's happily snuffing out each of your Soviet allies, and once all your comrades are down you'll be faced with a full assault which means mission failed! And if you're through with this mission (good luck), you'll be faced with an even harder one: repel a full scale Nazi invasion, fight back wave after wave of soldiers and then take out their base with only three commandos! Oh and by the way, just wanted to mention that the guards will now change their patrol route on a whim, just to make life even more difficult for you.
Scenarios like these were never seen before in previous Commandos games, there's not a bit of extra fat here, it's Commandos at its leanest and meanest! Like the previous Commandos games the graphics are brilliantly done, creating meticulously drawn indoor and outdoor environments. A game for those that like a challenge, Commandos 3 - Destination Berlin will always leave you wondering how to do that mission. My advice is timing, precision and the F9-F7 combo (quicksave/quickload). And don't be ashamed to play that tutorial, even veterans will need a bit of training here!

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