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Document 03. "Please insert CD" error message
This error message can appear if you either:

-  did not download and saved all the game files from the confirmation email in the same folder, or
-  downloaded the same file more than once, but you have not erased the old one, thus creating duplicate files.

Please make sure that the file names have not been changed, especially if you have made several download attempts of the same file. For example, if there is a bracket with numbers at the end of the file like (2), erase the number and the brackets. The download files on your hard drive must have the same name and extension (either .exe, .bin. .zip. or .rar) then proposed as default in the "save as"-window.

Example of a duplicate: TheWitcherEE_Setup-5(1).bin instead of TheWitcherEE_Setup-5.bin.

This is how your game files should look like in your folder (example):



If you are afraid of doing it wrong, we recommend to delete ALL the files downloaded and restart from scratch, making sure you follow the instructions provided.

After you have downloaded and saved all the files, you navigate to the download folder and double-click on the the .exe file to begin the installation. Do not try to extract the .bin or .zip or .rar files yourself.
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