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Endless Space 2 will put you in the fascinating role of a leader guiding a civilization in making its first steps into the cold depths of interstellar space.

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18 January, 2018

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20 May, 2017

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Description of Endless Space 2 - Digital Deluxe Edition

Buy Endless Space 2 - Digital Deluxe Edition as a Steam Key.

Content of the Digital Deluxe Edition:

Endless Space 2 - Digital Deluxe Edition

  • Endless Space 2 Digital Game: Play Endless Space 2 Early Access on PC. This will give access to the final PC and Mac versions of the game.

  • Official Digital Soundtrack: All Endless Space 2 tracks created by FlybyNo in mp3 format. (Will be unlocked at release)

  • Pathfinder Academy Heroes (Cosmetic): Adds “Brunem Berto-Lancellum” and “Kinete Muldaur” to the hero cast of the game. (Will be unlocked at release)

  • Pathfinder Hero Ships’ Skin (Cosmetic): Adds a selectable alternate “Pathfinder” skin set for all hero spaceships. (Will be unlocked at release)

Endless Space 2 will put you in the fascinating role of a leader guiding a civilization in making its first steps into the cold depths of interstellar space.

You will explore mysterious star systems, discover the secrets of ancient races, develop advanced technologies of unthinkable power, and, of course, encounter new life forms to understand, to court or to conquer.

Your story unfolds in a galaxy that was first colonized by a people known as the Endless, who rose and fell eons ago. All that remains of them are mystical ruins, powerful artifacts, and a mysterious, near-magical substance known as Dust.

EXPLORE the Endless universe
The new Galaxy Generator has been completely overhauled to provide unique star systems and curiosities to explore, different planet types to colonize, luxuries and strategic resources to exploit, the mysteries of the Dust and new lifeforms to master, and a host of strange cosmic anomalies to deal with.

EXPAND beyond the unknown
Claim new systems by establishing outposts, and develop your planets into feared stellar fortresses or fabulous utopias full of wonders. Train your heroes to become fleet admirals, system governors or influential senators to guide your populations and make your galactic civilization thrive.

EXPLOIT every opportunity
Collect Dust, luxuries and strategic resources that are tradable on the marketplace, discover amazing new technologies, and keep one step ahead of the competition through trade corporations and subtle diplomacy.

EXTERMINATE all resistance
Design your ships, build your fleets and carefully choose your battle plans to overcome up to seven opponents in online confrontations. Watch epic real-time space battles unfold, and improve your strategy for your next confrontations.

EXPERIENCE a galactic saga
Discover each civilization’s story, from the Sophon’s AI gone berserk to the traditional Lumeris families facing an ambitious young upstart. Learn more about the origins of the lethal Endless creation called the Cravers. Find out more about the Heretic, a mysterious and powerful character hunted by the Vodyani… The galaxy will belong to the civilization that controls Dust and uncovers its secrets… but were the Endless alone in the galaxy? What is the true origin of Dust? Are the rumors around a mysterious organization called the Academy real?

Press Space anytime to activate the Amplified Reality view and reveal in-depth contextual information about your systems, trade routes, diplomatic stances and even your ship stats during battle!

Follow the development of the game and get to know the talent behind the scene. Make your voice count by giving feedback on the game, submitting ideas, and voting for Art and gameplay elements. Participate in contests and design content that will be created by the studio and added to the game!

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System Requirements von Endless Space 2 - Digital Deluxe Edition

System Requirements Windows

OS: Windows (64bits only) 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
CPU: i3 4th generation / i5 2nd generation / A6 series
Graphics: AMD Radeon 5800 series / NVidia 550Ti
Audio: DX11 compatible
DirectX: DirectX 11

Intel HD integrated graphics not supported. Minimum Resolution: 1280 x 720

System Requirements Mac OS

OS: MAC OS X 10.11 or higher
CPU: Intel Core i5 2.7Ghz
Graphics: GeForce 775M | Radeon HD 6970 | Intel Iris Pro

Minimum Resolution: 1280 x 720.
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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"Endless Space 2 once again delivers a top notch turn based 4X sci fi experience."

– Michael Brown, GameWatcher

"Endless Space 2 brings 4X to life with a gorgeous presentation and a host of new approaches to a well-established genre. While a few bugs remain, Amplitude has patched the game..."

– Ron Burke, GamingTrend

"Endless Space 2 provides loads of 4X strategizing and space-opera-styled storytelling in this epic about building an intergalactic empire."

– Brett Todd, GameSpot

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