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Atomic Heart

In a mad and sublime utopian world, take part in explosive encounters. Adapt your fighting style to each opponent, use your environment and upgrade your equipment to fulfill your mission. If you want to reach the truth, you'll have to pay in blood.

Windows PC  Action
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20 February, 2023 – CraigBGP Team

The first 23 minutes of Atomic Heart 4k Gameplay and Review from IGN

IGN has put Atomic Heart through its paces - and the results are impressive.

Take on the world of the strange as developer Mundfish and publisher Focus Entertainment release a first-person shooter later today that packs a punch. Atomic Heart is set in an alternate version of the 1950s Soviet Union, and this version could hardly be more bizarre. The game tells the story of a secret facility called Facility 3826, run by the government to research experimental weapons and technology. IGN has already tested the bizarre spectacle in detail and comes to a positive conclusion: 8 out of 10 points, "GREAT". You can watch the review video for Atomic Heart here:

The plot of Atomic Heart is characterised by an eerie atmosphere in which players move through the abandoned corridors of the facilities as Soviet special agent "P-3". In the process, you encounter bizarre enemies who have been influenced by the experimental technology. In addition, the world of Atomic Heart is also riddled with paranormal phenomena such as telekinesis and teleportation.

The characters in Atomic Heart are very diverse in design, ranging from the mysterious scientists working in the facility to the mad robots that attack you. Protagonist P-3 is an elite agent tasked with eliminating the threat of experimental weapons and technology and uncovering the secrets of the facility. How you are introduced to the game in Atomic Heart is made clear in another video from IGN, featuring the first 23 minutes of gameplay from Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart's gameplay focuses on fast-paced, action-packed battles against the various enemies and boss opponents. You use different weapons and skills to defeat enemies to complete your mission. There are also many puzzles to solve, forcing you to explore the environment carefully and find clues.

Overall, Atomic Heart is a fascinating game that delights with its unique and crazy combination of science fiction, horror and retro aesthetics. A must for anyone interested in unusual and unconventional video games.

Score: 1

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