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Crown Trick

Enter a labyrinth that moves as you move, where mastering the elements is key to defeating enemies and uncovering the mysteries of this underground world. With a new experience awaiting every time you enter the dungeon, let the power bestowed by the crown guide you in this challenging adventure!

Windows PC  Adventure / RPG (Roleplay)
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11 August, 2022 – champ15ns

Crown Trick Dungeon of the Deep Endless Mode (Requiem of Elements DLC!)

Crown Trick Dungeon of the Deep Endless Mode. Abyss Walker achievement for Crown Trick can be obtained by beating this Dungeon of the Deep endless mode in the game. Dungeon of the Deep is a sort of speedrun through the game - you fight against all the enemes, elites and all the bosses, including Mantis Shrimpfighter, Vlad the Commander (chess), Swordcluckster, Neptune, Trick Master, Taloncrawler, Tria Witch and more.

Requiem of Elements is a 100% free DLC that improves upon the original Crown Trick adventure. Featuring a plethora of new weapons, relics, familiars, skills, achievements, and even a whole new game-mode called Dungeons of the Deep. Here are some tips and tricks I have written while capturing this gameplay: https://gearsrealm.com/crown-trick-tips/

Dungeons of the Deep is an endless mode where you face the unwavering foes of the labyrinth, that tests players ability to stay alive, providing a never-ending onslaught of randomly generated traps and enemies to face. You can also collect the brand-new Coins of the Deep; with the Coins, you will purchase weapons as your never-ending run continues through the maze.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkSVeT0tM7Y

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