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The Absolute Evil and its trusted *cough* servant, the Dark Elf Thalya, return in Dungeons 4 after the events of its fabulous predecessor to bring about their triumph over the forces of good once more.

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09 November, 2023 – CraigBGP Team

Buy Dungeons 4 with 19% off and get Dungeons 3 for free - now on Gamesplanet!

Not even that evil: If you buy Dungeons 4 on Gamesplanet in time, you not only save a whopping 19%, but also get Dungeons 3 as a bonus game.

In Dungeons 4 you play The Absolute Evil, build nasty dungeons and overrun the forces of good in the overworld with your minions - as is customary in the Dungeons series (and as was previously the case in its predecessor Dungeon Keeper). This is bad for your karma account, but at least the Gamesplanet deal is less of a burden on your bank account. Because now there's 2x Dungeons for the price of one for self-collection: If you buy Dungeons 4 on Gamesplanet by 16 November 2023 at the latest, we'll add the predecessor, Dungeons 3, as a bonus game at no extra cost - as long as the key supply lasts.

A 10% discount in the release week is already pretty good, but if you also activate the voucher code BEEVIL10 in your shopping basket when you buy Dungeons 4, you'll save a whopping 19% when you buy the Standard or Deluxe Edition! Together with the bonus game, this is a good deal that even Absolute Evil can't say "no!" to. You can still redeem the voucher code for an extra 9% discount even if we no longer include Dungeons 3 for Early Bird customers and our 10% release discount no longer applies - the voucher code can be redeemed until 24.12.2023.

Dungeons 4 - for a more dynamic evilness

The Dungeons double pack is a sensible combination, because when The Absolute Evil and his servant Thalya return in Dungeons 4 for spectacular battles in the underworld and the overworld, this follows on almost seamlessly from the events of the acclaimed Dungeons 3. Developer Realmforge Studios and publisher Kalypso Media continue to consistently apply the tried and tested game principle in the fourth instalment: You are the bad guys, dig diligently in the underworld, tame your servants by force if necessary and you set up your dungeons so that intruders either die early in traps or are dismembered by your demonic gang of rascals. The greedy dwarves, for example, who are after gold and gems in the underworld.

Once such a dungeon is well and effectively developed and you have gathered enough comrades-in-arms to fight the good, you can send raiding parties to the surface to make life hell for elves and humans on lush green meadows and under glowing rainbows. Put an end to elfdom.

Publisher Kalypso is not only promising a "more dynamic evilness™" with Dungeons 4. Everything should be bigger and better than in the previous games in the series. Four times larger dungeons will offer space for even more creatures under your command. The locations on the surface are also more expansive. Mini-bosses will also be at your mercy there. A victory over a unicorn living in harmony pays off for your evilness account.

Dungeons 4 - Special Features

  • Everything is better with Dwarves™: The Dwarves have arrived to build their underground strongholds and the hardy little fellows (although they don’t like being called that) compete with the Ever-Expanding Evil for space and resources.
  • It makes your Dungeon great again: Dungeons are up to four times larger than before and there are many more creatures who wait for the All-Commanding Evil’s orders to conquer the Overworld. Now the time has come for massive armies and truly sprawling dungeons!
  • Ripe for the taking: The Overworld is bigger than ever before. Gain Evilness by beating Mini Bosses like the obsessively harmonious Unicorn and use it to transform the Overworld into stunning biomes of pure evil.
  • New and shiny: An ability-based Perk system for Thalya, the Absolute Evil’s trusted cough and most loyal subordinate, grants her impressive new powers. The Absolute Evil can now enjoy taking over the world, governing the creatures and slapping subordinates even more with the customizable Evil Hand.
  • Minions, everywhere: The Horde, the Undead and the Demons wait to do the Absolute Evil’s bidding, with more creatures than ever eagerly following the gesturing Evil’s orders, and Snots will play a much more prominent role this time.
  • Many ways to tell the story: A long campaign, narrated by the beloved English Narrator from previous titles, as well as several skirmish maps all to challenge your rule as the Absolute Evil.
  • Change the world: Spread your Evilness across the Overworld to bring lush and green environments over to the dark side, now shining even more vibrantly and beautifully evil as you spread your evilness across many new biomes.
  • Work together, slay together: 2-player co-op multiplayer with both players managing one Dungeon together. All maps from the skirmish mode and the campaign are playable in co-op.

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