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21 December, 2015 – CraigBGP Team

Dying Light to receive new Legendary Levels

Dying Light is set to get some new post level content for players who have maxed out their character and are looking to get more out of the game. For anyone that's maxed out one of the three skill trees available they will unlock the Legendary Levels skill tree, this tree will offer 250 levels that increase things such as health, stamina, and damage. If that wasn't enough, as a bonus every 25 levels players will get player emblems, outfits, and weapons to further expand their gameplay experience.

The game will be offering this for free to players as part of Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition or as an update for players with the original version sometime in February 2016. Not only that but we're also promised more free DLC coming to the game during February as well. On February 9th players will get the The Fountain of Youth DLC that will bring an exploration-based quest found in the Old Town area. A new blueprint, dubbed Water 2.0, will let players create a new throwable weapon that intensifies the electrocution effect of other weapons. Two parkour challenges are also coming and are designed around the theme of water.

Lastly, the large content DLC The Following is also out in February and is free for Season Pass owners or can be bought separately.

I want to be the very best, like no one ever was.

Dying Light has already made a great impression on me this year and it looks to be making a splash in 2016 as well, if you're itching to try the game we have a discount going on with the Base Game for 40% off or you can grab the Season Pass for 20% off!

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