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03 December, 2020 – CraigBGP Team

Video: How the driving lines in F12020 help you become a better driver!

Stay on track: Simulation games like F1 2020 usually offer a a range of driving aids to assist the player. Codemasters demonstrates how useful the fade-in racing line is and what needs to be taken into account by means of a tutorial video using the example of the racing line in F1 2020.

Traction control, ABS, automatic transmission and more. Driving aids in racing games are not only intended for beginners, but also professionals who sometimes use the switchable aids when it comes to developing a feeling for the game and the track. Automatic gear shifting in motor sport simulations is popular as well as the fade-in ideal line, which is also called a driving line, track line, "racing line" or in technical jargon even "colourful serpentine line". It's particularly suitable at the beginning to get to know track sections and thus optimise the track. In a new help video from developer and publisher Codemasters showcase the important subject of ideal lines and how best to master them in-game.

Tips for optimal driving in racing games - the ideal line

The ideal line given by games like F1 2020 shows you how best to enter and exit a bend. The driving line acts dynamically, changing shape and colour. If the ideal line is green, you are driving at a speed suitable for the curve and you don't have to worry about centrifugal forces carrying you outwards and, at worst, pulling you off the road. On the other hand, there could still be air upwards in terms of speed. A yellow or orange auxiliary line indicates a speed that could be dangerous for you. If you are not careful, you could end up crashing into the track. But if you have a good grip on your vehicle, you might still manage to make it through the bend and gain time. There's no question about it: if the ideal line is red, you should in most cases step on the brakes before entering the curve or risk spinning out of control.

The tutorial video shows the ideal lines with all the details you need to pull it off. It becomes clear: An ideal line is not always really "ideal". Some players have tricks adapted to their driving style to gain even more time on individually balanced driving paths. Furthermore, it is not always the curve itself that gives you an advantage when driving optimally, but rather the straight line after a curve.

Be sure to watch the video to get the "ideal line" driving path for use on the tracks. Not picked up the game yet? You can save 51% off both editions of F1 2020 until December 20th.

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