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03 December, 2015 – CraigBGP Team

Reddit user finds surprising things under the sea in Fallout 4!

A reddit user has been having a great time exploring the vast map of Fallout 4 so much that he's even managed to find great landmarks underwater. What could these be for, perhaps an upcoming hidden DLC involving something in the depths or perhaps they are just for added effect? One thing's for sure there is plenty still left to find in the game, what secrets will be found next?

If you want to take a stroll at the bottom of the ocean for yourself, it's recommended that you take a suit of armour, Mirelurk cakes (for the underwater breathing) and some RadAway. Another option is to raise your Endurance up to level 5 so you can get the Aquaboy/Aquagirl perk which allows you to avoid radation and breath underwater as if you were using consumables.

More to see, under the sea.

Full gallery of images can be found here.

Fallout 4 has been very well received, should you wish to try and explore the world for yourself we have it available to buy.


  • Craig Bishop

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/fo4/comments/3uqr54/fallout_4_underwater_exploration_phase_1/

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