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13 January, 2016 – CraigBGP Team

Fallout 4 meets The Last of Us in this Seasons mod!

Ever wandered the world of Fallout 4 and found the scenery missing a little colour? Well someone has managed to combine various mods to recreate a look not unlike the visuals seen in The Last of Us. This work in progress mod will cycle seasons to create a better visual treat during your travels.

Fallout 4 Seasons brings together a raft of mods to give a "nature reclaiming the wasteland" feel to the game world. Autumn brings with it bright foliage and plants. Previously barren trees appear "fuller" and "fluffier". Winter adds snow to the landscape. Spring drenches the wasteland in green with bright blooming flowers and plants. Summer tones the green down somewhat, with crops appropriate for the new harvest.

Right now the game requires you to manually switch between seasons but in future the creator hopes to be able to get it working automatically, something that will be possible when the Fallout 4 Creation Kit finally gets released. If you want to try the mod for yourself we've included link a below!

Adding colour to your Fallout 4 world, one season at a time!

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  • Craig Bishop

Source: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-01-13-seasons-mod-makes-fallout-4-look-like-the-last-of-us

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