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07 September, 2016 – CraigBGP Team

PETA asks Giants Software to depict Pig Slaughter in Farming Simulator 2017

It appears PETA is trying to get a depiction of pig slaughter in the upcoming Farming Simulator 2017 and has contacted Giants Software with a letter detailing the request. They would like to feature a "nightmarish" scenario due to the way pigs are handled on real farms, though in doing so I imagine this will raise age ratings and could hurt the game entirely.

“Farming Simulator 17 should either show the nightmarish reality endured by pigs at the abattoir or change into Vegan Farming Simulator 17 and let players grow crops—to do anything else would be dishonest. PETA urges anyone who considers pig-slaughter footage too gruesome to include in a simulator game to rid their real-life plates of animal corpses and switch to cruelty-free vegan foods.”

While they do raise some valid points it's hard to see this kind of thing working without making some compromises along the way, though people often turn a blind eye to the realities of farming so it's nice to see some kind of awareness on the matter - even if they aren't able to add anything in the game itself.

“Following the announcement that Farming Simulator 17 will depict pig farming, we are writing to encourage you to include video footage from abattoirs in the game. To simulate the farming industry accurately, Farming 17 would need to show all aspects of pig farming, including what happens to pigs when they're sent to slaughter."

"We ask that you include footage of this in your game to show players the horrific reality of the pig-farming industry."

The full letter can be read here, Farming Simulator 17 is due for release on October 25th and as yet there has been no response about the issue from Giants Software.

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