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Farming Simulator 22 (Steam) Steam Key

Farming Simulator 22 (Steam)

Cultivated to be bigger and better - the ultimate and multimillion-selling farming simulation returns this November! Farming Simulator 22 offers more depth and the highest extent of player freedom in the history of the series.

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22 April, 2021 – CraigBGP Team

Farming Simulator 22 announced, coming later this year!

GIANTS Software have announced Farming Simulator 22 for a release at the end of 2021 with a teaser trailer. The new Farming Simulator 22 lures you out into the countryside with various fresh features.

Simulation fans have plenty to look fowrard to as developer GIANTS Software revealed the first teaser trailer for their upcoming farm sequel Farming Simulator 22, which is set for release later this year in Q4 2021. In the teaser we see a baseball cap with the initials "FS" embroidered on it, which probably stand for Farming Simulator. A gust of autumnal wind and poof - the headgear lands in the wintry snow. A significant detail, because with Farming Simulator 22 there will be changing seasons and thus corresponding weather conditions in the game for the first time. Dress warmly, it will also snow in your farming simulation!

However, GIANTS promise even more innovations for Farming Simulator 22, such as new fruit varieties, maps, machines, brands and a number of other features, which will probably be presented to us in detail in the coming months until the release at the end of 2021.

What's new in Farming Simulator 22

In Farming Simulator 22 you are also called to devote yourself to the virtual country life. Your own farm must be managed and cared for. You regularly drive out to work in the fields with different agricultural machines. You can either do this alone or with a farming crew of up to eight PC farmers.

Farming Simulator 22 is supposed to offer you more freedom and depth. Expect two new maps in Farming Simulator 22 and an update of the alpine Erlengrat map. So there is plenty of room for house, farm, animals and machines. Giants promises more than 400 authentic agricultural machines from 100 manufacturers for FS22, replicas of the respective real-world models. With increased simulation demands, the extremely successful simulation series is to be even better and more realistic with Farming Simulator 22 according to GIANTS.

New fruit varieties, equipment and machines, brands ... things are coming together for the sequel. The seasonal changes obviously deserve special attention. With the change of seasons in Farming Simulator, a novelty in the series, farmers, field lords and field ladies must also react to climatic changes. So don't let your animals freeze to death standing in the snow!

New technology and Improved AI for Farming Simulator 22

Thanks to the GIANTS Engine 9, which powers the machines in Farming Simulator 22 - you can also expect the most modern farming experience on PC. The developer promises technical improvements, a more lively game world and believable AI. All of this should enhance the overall immersion in virtual farming making Farming Simulator 22 the best game in the the series to date. The developer even shifts up a gear in the sound design: engine noises of agricultural equipment are supposed to be believable thanks to a "gradual reverberation" and "acoustically comprehensible gear shifts".

Even more: Especially for PC gamers, the new Farming Simulator 22 should make leaps and bounds in terms of performance. Under Windows, DirectX 12 drives the crop, GIANTS mentions multi-threading optimisations, occlusion culling, temporal anti-aliasing and, for example, texture streaming. A foundation for more complex mods and more content, according to GIANTS.

Gamesplanet will be able to offer Farming Simulator 22 soon. Until then, we recommend getting Farming Simulator 19 Premium Edition as a Steam or GIANTS key to get you started and to tide you over. You'll be able to get the game at a special price in the Spring Sale until April 26th, alongside other Farming Simulator titles.

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