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15 February, 2017 – CraigBGP Team

Bots in For Honor Love being Jerks by Taunting you when they win

It seems Skynet is one step closer as AI can be programmed to taunt you and prove they're just as much of a jerk as humans are.

It's only been out for one day but For Honor has already proven some are without honor, including the game's bots who seemingly love to celebrate the fact they smashed your face in with a weapon by throwing out various taunts to prove they're smug about it. You should never underestimate the bots, even on easy they can come back and use power ups on you (even if you're fighting other players). Most players in For Honor wait for duels between players to end before engaging another in battle, Bots however seem to love being dirty fighters and will have no problem stepping in should you be fighting with another player.

Bots can even spam emotes towards you when you've died to them, thus creating the "tea bagging" feeling as you watch them taunt your lifeless corpse from the death cam. It doesn't stop there either as several bot names such as WhyNotJay, Grey2Scale, DroolTroll, YourNameOnMySword, DroidParty, MashdButtr and LeftShark are all in the game, clearly someone loved making these bots and naming them. One popular animation is the "Mic-Drop" taunt which can be seen from Redditor NinjaHawkins.

Some of these taunts are only available to the bots at present and will eventually make their way to players hands when they become available to purchase, meanwhile you'll have to rely on bots taunting you and being asses towards you. While they'll never be as good as real players, Bots can still offer a fair challenge for players new to the game and those wanting to get used to blocking/dodging. Perhaps their biggest weakness is being thrown off a cliff/ledge but maybe one day they'll learn to dodge and make you fall to your death ;)

Source: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-02-15-for-honors-bastard-bots-will-taunt-you

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