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24 November, 2016 - A Plastic Bag

"THE BLACK GUY WIN GAME" - Handball 17 (A Game of Balls And Hands) FUNNY!

Checkout This Game: https://goo.gl/SqL1BP


So apparently Handball is a sport of some sort. Where a bunch of men get together and grabs balls and throw them at each other. I would say this sounded like something else, but hey... That would be gross. So no.. I will not say that thing i will not mention. I will say this episode is freakin hilarious, and worthy of you giving me your entire bank account. or not, just an idea, I'm doing youtube for money, right now I'm ballin, i make $5 a month, which is so much money.

DISCLAIMER: This video is not racist. In order to be racist you must first subscribe to the idea there are different races, which there are not. There is no black or white gene there is melanin production at lesser and greater levels. (Melanin is the thing responsible for the pigmentation being light or darker, those with less have lighter skin, those with more have darker skin) I make jokes because i find it so hilarious how we as a society decide to actively hate racism while promoting it in the other hand by drawing the line and calling each other different races without any scientific proof or cause to prove there are even such a thing as other races, when in fact science tells us there is only one race, and that is the race of humans. Just like any other species they are not different based on color, look at cows, just because one is black or one is brown or black and white. They are all cows... We are all humans.

Enjoy the video!


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