HITMAN: The Complete First Season Steam Key

HITMAN: The Complete First Season

HITMAN: The Complete First Season gives you everything in HITMAN. You will have access to all locations, all live content, Contracts Mode and additional game updates.

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17 July, 2018 – CraigBGP Team

HITMAN Episode 3 Marrakesh is Free for a Limited Time!

Developer iO Interactive is giving players a chance to try out HITMAN's third episode Marrakesh for free. Includes challenges, story missions, escalation contracts and more.

Step into the shoes of legendary assassin Agent 47 as developer iO Interactive are once again giving players a taste of Summer by allowing fans to download another episode of their 2016 title in preparation for the upcoming HITMAN 2. That's right, later today you'll be able to explore the streets of Sapienza and visit Marrakesh for yourself to take on the campaign mission. Players can also enjoy everything else that episode 3 has to offer such as Escalation Contracts, 20 levels of location mastery and over 100 challenges to attempt! HITMAN Episode 3 Marrakesh will be free later today for players on Steam, and will be available for a limited time.

July 31st is the expected cut off point for downloading the Episode, but is not confirmed.

Summer Pack Content

ICA Facility Location

  • 2 story missions
  • 2 Escalation Contracts
  • 40+ Challenges
  • 17 achievements / Trophies

Marrakesh Location offers:

  • ‘The Gilded Gage’ story mission
  • 8 Escalation Contracts
  • 20 levels of Marrakesh Mastery (including 6 gear/weapon unlocks)
  • 90+ Challenges
  • 7 achievements / Trophies
  • Future Re-activated Elusive Targets in Marrakesh
  • And More.

Note: The HITMAN: Summer Pack does not include any of the missions or content from the Bonus Episode. You can play the game for the limited period, and any progress you make will transfer if you purchase the full game.

Marrakesh takes place in Sapienza and follows on from the Paris fashion show event. The location is filled with busy markets, a maze of alleys, rooftop terraces and even more sights such as the Swedish Consulate building. Players will be able to hunt two targets with the Gilded Cage requiring you to hunt down the private banker Claus Strandberg, and the army General Reza Zaydan who is guarded by his elite soldiers. Both targets will be available to take on and may require Agent 47 to become creative in order to eliminate them. As with most HITMAN levels you're free to go about your objective in multiple ways and you can use the environment to your advantage.

Want even more HITMAN? You can save up to 25% off the HITMAN games or pre-order the upcoming HITMAN 2 to get instant Access to the online co-op Sniper Assassin Mode! HITMAN 2 launches on November 13th 2018.

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