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Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world action RPG set in the world first introduced in the Harry Potter books. Embark on a journey through familiar and new locations as you explore and discover magical beasts, customise your character and craft potions, master spell casting, upgrade talents and become ...

Windows PC  Action / RPG (Roleplay)
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25 January, 2023 – CraigBGP Team

New preview videos show never-before-seen scenes from Hogwarts Legacy

IGN, GamesRadar and many other editors were allowed to try out Hogwarts Legacy ahead of the February 10th release. Get a taste of what's to come with previews while you wait!

The Potter universe is finally coming to life and the first testers from the press are showing their own footage from (short) play sessions with Hogwarts Legacy, the first real AAA adaptation of a Harry Potter game with a big budget, as IGN puts it. However, representatives of the press were only allowed to roam through the magical open world for a short time - even so it's still enough to give players a taste of what to expect ahead of the release next month.

Hogwarts Legacy preview from IGN

By their own account, IGN's testers had a few extra hours to explore the virtual Potterverse. The following video should dispel any doubts about the quality of the game, because Luke Winkie from IGN seems quite pleased in the clip about his experiences in Hogwarts Legacy, which will be available on February 10th 2023. For him - quite surprisingly - the battles are the highlights of the Harry Potter game. For example, Hogwarts Legacy is less oriented towards older Potter games and shines much more with a button combo system in the battle system, which is supposed to be a little reminiscent of Ninja Gaiden.

Hogwarts Legacy preview from GamesRadar.

Over at GamesRadar's editorial team, they sat down to discuss their impressions from the preview session in detail. Sam Loveridge answers the video producer's questions in just under 18 minutes. What does the character creation of Hogwarts Legacy do? Apparently, it gives players a number of options for very flexible character editing. Potter fans should be very satisfied. Hogwarts Legacy may be set before the events you may know from the books, but the style and presentation are exactly what we expect from a virtual Potter universe.

After creating her character, GamesRadar Sam rides off on her broom and explores areas of the open game world. You will probably receive such a flying broom very early in the game. This way you can quickly get to the different places. Villages and landscapes outside the school grounds, but also, for example, the library or the local greenhouse. Sam was particularly fascinated by the numerous details in the depiction of the environment. Just look at the animated paintings here in the video:

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