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Dominate the classical Mediterranean in Imperator: Rome, a grand strategy game from Paradox Interactive. Navigate the dangerous waters of politics and diplomacy as you build up your provinces and conquer foreign lands. Now available with special content and the digital artbook.

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14 April, 2019 – CraigBGP Team

Imperator: Rome - Developers take a look at the history of the game

Prepare to lead your Empire later this month when Imperator: Rome launches on April 25th. The game invites you to take on the challenges of building an empire while keeping faith with the gods. Imperator: Rome features an expansive map, that is the most detailed grand strategy map that has ever been included in a Paradox Interactive game!

In this new video, the developers explain more about the history of the game, including the various cultures and historic figures present in the game. There's much more to do in the game, with everything from character building to choosing your battle tactics to get the best results in conflict. You can even trade goods and invest in building up your cities to ensure you have a prospering civilization.

Imperator: Rome’s Features:

Character Management:
A living world of characters with varying skills and traits that will change over time. They will lead your nation, govern your provinces and command your armies and fleets. We also introduce our new, more human-like character art.

Diverse Populations:
Citizens, freemen, tribesmen and slaves - each population with its own culture and religion. Whether they fill your armies, fill your coffers or fill your colonies, keep an eye on their happiness - your success depends on their satisfaction.

Battle Tactics:
Choose your approach before battle to counter the stratagems of your foes.

Military Traditions:
Each culture has a unique way of waging war. Romans and Celts have different options available to them. Unlock unique bonuses, abilities and units.

Different Government Types:
Manage the senate in a Republic, hold your court together in a monarchy, answer to the clans in a tribal system.

Barbarians and Rebellions:
Migrating barbarians may sack or settle your best land, while disloyal governors or generals can turn against you - taking their armies with them!

Goods provide bonuses to their home province. Will you take advantage of stockpiles for local strength or trade excess goods to spread the wealth around?

Provincial Improvement:
Invest in buildings, roads and defences to make your kingdom stronger and richer.

Imperator: Rome launches April 25th. Pre-order either version of the game today to get the Epirus Flavor Pack for free!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcgwtOdSbGw

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