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Dominate the classical Mediterranean in Imperator: Rome, a grand strategy game from Paradox Interactive. Navigate the dangerous waters of politics and diplomacy as you build up your provinces and conquer foreign lands. Now available with special content and the digital artbook.

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16 February, 2021 – CraigBGP Team

Imperator Rome - Alexander DLC and Marius Update launch!

A beautiful day for demanding strategists who want to get more out of Paradox's Imperator: Rome. Today the mega-update Marius turns the military system upside down, as it paves the way for the new Heirs of Alexander DLC - which is also out now!

Paradox didn't build Imperator: Rome in a day, and construction continues consistently years after release. Rumor has it that the free "2.0 Marius" patch released today will greatly transform the strategy game, turning the classic Imperator: Rome into an almost entirely new game. The trailer released today for the release of the update also bears witness to this, because whenever developers consider a patch to be particularly important, they give us an info trailer about it at the same time.

For Paradox (and the community), an overhaul of the military system of Imperator: Rome was at the forefront. In a nutshell, these are the new features:

  • New interface
  • Revised war mechanics
  • New war objectives
  • Legions with historical background
  • Update of siege mechanics
  • New inventions
  • New unit models
  • New military traditions
  • ... and probably much more

Patch to coincide with the release of Imperator: Rome - Heirs of Alexander

At the same time, Paradox is releasing a new content pack for Imperator: Rome today. Heirs of Alexander is now available on Gamesplanet and you can get a taste of what awaits in the short trailer for it. The content pack for Imperator: Rome focuses on the Hellenistic kingdoms of the Eastern Mediterranean and Asia - all in the context of the great conqueror Alexander, of course. These are the features of the Heirs of Alexander DLC:

  • Unique Mission Trees: New special mission objectives for the Antigonid Empire in Anatolia, Seleucid Empire in Asia, Ptolemaic Empire in Egypt, Macedonia and Thrace.
  • Shared Mission Tree: Diadochi-themed mission objectives available to all of the Successor Kingdoms.
  • Wonder Designer: New tool that allows players to build their own custom monuments, adding bonuses to their location or to the entire empire.
  • New Events: Various Historical Events based on the history and legacy of Alexander’s followers.
  • New Deities: Regional gods and goddesses from the Hellenistic kingdoms.
  • New Treasures: Distinctive artifacts from the Hellenistic kingdoms.
  • New Music: Three new music tracks to inspire your Successor Kingdom.

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