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Little Nightmares

Immerse yourself in Little Nightmares, a dark whimsical tale that will confront you with your childhood fears! Help Six escape The Maw – a vast, mysterious vessel inhabited by corrupted souls looking for their next meal.

Windows PC  Action / Arcade & Indie
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28 April, 2017 – CraigBGP Team

HELP - Locating your Pre-order Bonuses

So you've got Little Nightmares and you're wondering exactly how to get one of your shiny new masks or find the OST for the game? No need to fear, we've got you covered in our guide to unlocking the bonuses!

1) Open up your Little Nightmares game, from the Main Menu head to "Extras".

2) From here you want to head to "Masks".

3) On this page you should see the "Scarecrow Sack" and "Upsidedown Teapot" masks. Select one to activate it or deactivate (active when coloured / not active when greyed out).

4) Next you will want to locate your game folder, from here you can find the OST and Wallpapers.

5) Visit your Steam folder (depending on where you installed it) and locate \steamapps\common\Little Nightmares. Then you will see two folders, Little Nightmares OST and Little Nightmares Wallpaper.

Now you have the tools to kit out your Desktop with lovely Art or listen to some tracks from the game! Help Six escape from The Maw with your lovely new masks (personally I prefer the Teapot one).

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