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05 December, 2017 – CraigBGP Team

Mega Man 11 Announced, coming to PC and consoles in late 2018

Capcom have announced that a brand new entry in the popular Mega Man series to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the series. Mega Man 11 launches in 2018 for PC and consoles.

It's hard to believe the Mega Man is 30 years old this year, he's had countless games over the years and been the star of many platformers during his life. To celebrate his anniversary, Capcom have announced a big pieces of Mega Man news, including word that a new entry in the series "Mega Man 11" will be releasing next year. This new entry in the series will focus on classic gameplay elements, with modern style graphics (don't worry it's still 2D). Mega Man 11 is currently looking at a late 2018 release date for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Mega Man has been known for his run and shoot mechanics for 30 years, and now they are giving him some updates to add in some extra moves to the mix. The first teaser of Mega Man 11 can give players an idea of how the new game will look, as well as the gameplay style the game is focusing on. Mega Man is able to run, jump, slide and shoot his way from level to level - with faithful companions like Rush giving you a boost to even higher hard to reach areas, as he turns into a trampoline for Mega Man to use.

Capcom have still yet to reveal much on the upcoming game, and the release is rather vague with a "Late 2018" tag so we may not see it until a year from now. While we wait for the release, fans are able to get their hands on the previous entries in the series with the Mega Man Legacy Collection which includes Mega Man 1-6, or get the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 which features Mega Man 7-10. Each Legacy Collection adds a number of features including a Museum Mode, Rewind Mechanics, time trials and much more! If you've played all the Mega Man games and still want to scratch the itch, perhaps give the likes of Mighty No. 9 a try.

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