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Check Steam Deck Game Verified Status with Gamesplanet!

Earlier this year Valve released their amazing portable PC the Steam Deck to customers around the globe and recently ramped up production to allow even more people to get their hands on their own. Whether you've got your own deck, or waiting it can be a little cumbersome trying to figure out what games work best on the Deck. That's why we've added a new Steam Deck verified system to the Gamesplanet website, giving you in depth information about the games and how well they run on the deck!

How to check Steam Deck Verified Status

Step 1: To find out if a select game has support for Steam Deck head to applicable game pages and click "Learn more".

Step 2: From here you'll be able to see how well it runs, whether there's any tweaking needed or if it'll run perfect without any hassle.

What does the Verified Status Mean?

Verified Games
Tested by Valve and offers a great experience without the need for tweaking.

Will work with Steam Deck, but may not be ideal. For example some text may need to be manually entered using the on-screen keyboard or the resolution may not be set by default.

Games have been tested on Steam Deck and do not work well, or may not work at all. While you may have some luck with unsupported games it's not recommended.

Valve are already working on adding support for many more title and if something you want to play is not currently supported do not worry as it's possible it could change in the future.

Gamesplanet Steam Deck Verified Top Picks

We've put together a small selection of titles that run well on the Deck straight out the box, meaning you won't have to play around with settings or tweak them to get them running. Note: Some titles can run better by adjusting Deck settings - but you can leave them on default if you want.

Elden Ring
SteamWorld Dig 2
No Man's Sky
God of War
Two Point Hospital
Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
DOOM Eternal
Shadow Warrior 2

Of course this is a small taste of verified games you can play on the Deck, with over 1400 titles verified and more being added there's something for everyone. What are some of your Steam Deck games you've been playing on Deck? Share your best loved Deck games in the comments below!

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