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Outcast - A New Beginning

Explore the breathtaking alien world of Adelpha, support the local Talans in their struggles and fight your way through fast-paced battles against invading robot forces in this 3rd-person, open world, action adventure sequel to the 1999 cult classic.

Windows PC  Action
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25 January, 2024 – CraigBGP Team

Outcast - A New Beginning: Cultures and exploration trailer for the pre-order launch

A widely acclaimed original from 1999 is the template for THQ's follow-up game Outcast - A New Beginning. New gameplay scenes can now be seen in the pre-order trailer.

In the new trailer for Outcast - A New Beginning, get to know the Talans, inhabitants of an alien planet that invites you to go on wild exploration tours from its release on March 15th 2024. The people of Adelpha are said to be peaceful and charming, but they also face a growing danger. Ruthless invaders are threatening the home of the Talans and you come flying in with your jetpack to take on the adversaries.

Jetpack flight is one of the core game elements in the new Outcast. This is also impressively demonstrated in the following trailer for the game from THQ Nordic. It's not just a lame means of transport, but the basis for thrilling sightseeing flights and action-packed manoeuvres. And of course you'll have a lot of fun with the weapons in Outcast - A New Beginning. The formula for the original Outcast, developed by Infogrames, worked almost 24 years ago - with the original won game winning various awards. We can't wait to see how the sequel will play.

You can now pre-order Outcast - A New Beginning on Gamesplanet with 17% off until the release on March 15th 2024.

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