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Phantom Doctrine

The year is 1983. The world teeters on the verge of destruction as the Cold War tightens its icy grip. East or West: trust no one, question everything. The fate of humanity rests in your hands as you pit spy versus spy in tactical Phantom Doctrine.

Windows PC  Action / Strategy
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14 August, 2018 – TomGPGP Team

Phantom Doctrine, the XCOM-style spy thriller, gameplay trailer is here!

Phantom Doctrine plays like an XCOM and surprises with a lot of freedom. These intelligence operations are a real treat for strategists and tacticians.

Fans of the XCOM series in particular have something to look forward to. CreativeForge Games introduces Phantom Doctrine, a spy thriller that takes the best out of gameplay elements that made XCOM a success and adds a twists of its own. Those similarities makes the game good, but it’s the differences that makes PD stand out. Setting alone is a special one. You control the secret service cell - The Cabal, which must defeat a global conspiracy during the Cold War of the 1980s. Like in XCOM, you maintain your base of operations, research technologies, train agents, and command them during covert operations in hostile environment.

Phantom Doctrine is often described as a "quiet XCOM," since stealth approach is advised over direct confrontation. Of course there’s nothing stopping you from going guns-blazing if you prefer to make the game a bit more louder. Other things that make Phantom Doctrine stand out are related to general game mechanics. Apart from investigating cases, you’ll have to falsify documents and identities of people. Interrogating enemies is also an important part of the game as information is source of strategic advantage.

CreativeForge manages to credibly convey the gloomy atmosphere of the 80s into dark and thrilling strategy game. This is not only due to the original graphic style, but also thanks to the impressive soundtrack of the award-winning composer Marcin Przybylowicz – who previously composed music for The Witcher 3.

Phantom Doctrine is now available at Gamesplanet.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEalw7EAzwk

Score: 2

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