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Your job as the architect and developer is to build world-famous skyscrapers that will be the envy of the entire city, masterpieces of art and engineering. But a skyscraper is more than just steel and glass, it’s an intricate ecosystem, full of people that live and work in the building. They beco...

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21 September, 2016 – CraigBGP Team

Update 1.0.5 is here

The Project Highrise team have been busy working on brand new improvements and bug fixes, and now Update 1.0.5 has been released with several new features such as new graphics options for heatmap colours, a fast camera pan mode (handy) and retuned NPCs/stores to be better. They've also fixed some nasty bugs such as the arrow keys being more like the WASD setup so now you're not forced into playing it with those keys and many other fixes.

Full Release Notes

Take a look at the list below, or visit the link above to see the full patch history.


  • Added a new graphics option to customize heatmap colors, for players with color blindness
  • Added a hint mouseover that displays what a tenant is going to need after they moved in, but before they start demanding it (see an icon "i", next to tenant's satisfaction smiley)
  • Added a fast camera pan mode: CTRL + mouse wheel now pans the camera up and down
  • Retuned worker and resident NPCs to patronize retail stores much more than they used to
  • Retuned retail store revenues and limits, to account for the change in customer base
  • Retuned restaurants and retail to be more sensitive to not generating enough profit

Bug fixes

  • Fixed arrow keys so that they behave exactly like WASD, +/- behave like Q/E
  • Fixed a bug where the budget popup would show up twice in a row, give double revenues (This should also fix restaurants + retail incorrectly showing "0 customers yesterday")
  • Fixed a problem with media campaign "Call in a Favor" not unlocking an extra contract
  • Fixed broken achievements for 5 and 10 scenario gold medals
  • Fixed a bug where floor tiles would remain unfinished forever, if you destroyed the construction office while construction workers were finishing them
  • Fixed art gallery consultants incorrectly demanding utilities
  • Fixed a bug where construction grid was displayed mis-aligned after a height upgrade
  • Fixed loan repayment so it will show up in reports as a one-time expense not a daily one
  • Fixed a bug where a mis-timed renovation could bring the player's cash amount below $0
  • Fixed the renovation button to very clearly gray out if a renovation was already scheduled
  • Fixed a display bug where a new scenario would briefly show incorrect cash amount at startup
  • Steam: fixed the game becoming unresponsive after a problem connecting to the Steam Client
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