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The town of Redfall is under siege by a legion of vampires who have cut the island off from the outside world. Trapped with a handful of survivors, slay alone or squad up in open-world FPS action.

Windows PC  Action
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16 March, 2023 – CraigBGP Team

Take a look at the Action Packed Redfall Story Trailer!

On May 2nd 2023, Bethesda will release Arkane Austin's open-world co-op shooter Redfall. A thick trailer now explains why the vampire hunt will be necessary and shows real game scenes.

Redfall is not only the name of Bethesda's next action title, but also the eponymous island full of secrets and... Vampires! The scientists of Aevum have created something shocking. People are missing all over the place, dead bodies lie in the streets and blood everywhere. The sun has been eclipsed and vampires rule over what should be an idyllic place.

Are the vampires of Redfall a failed experiment, as in the series Strange Things, or is there more to it? Who are the vampire gods? And why do cultists call these bloodthirsty monsters Gods anyway? If you don't take up the cause in May, the skies above Redfall will remain darkened. Explore the dark history of the corporation that unleashed the monsters and take on the mighty vampires - in a team or as a solo vampire hunter. But for now, Bethesda introduces you to Redfall with a new trailer worth watching:

Redfall is an open-world co-op shooter from Arkane Austin, the award-winning studio behind Prey and Dishonored, a first-person shooter with single-player and co-operative multiplayer modes. Players choose from four playable characters - each with unique backgrounds and abilities - to fight vampires as well as human enemies within the game.

The island town of Redfall was once known for its quaint streets, breezy boardwalks and charming neighbourhoods. Then the vampires moved in and ruined everything. First they blocked out the sun and pushed back the tides. Good for us, because the trailer introduces us to a graphically very appealing shooter that hopefully also brings along all the game elements that a contemporary action title must have in order to stand up to strong competition. The setting and graphics make us optimistic.

Buy Redfall - on Gamesplanet with pre-order bonuses

Redfall will be released on May 2nd 2023 exclusively on PC and Xbox Series X|S. On Gamesplanet you can now pre-order the Standard and a Bite Back Edition with a 10% discount. Of course we offer Redfall with the official pre-order extras. The Bonus Vampire Hunter Pack contains these fine extras:

  • Level 2 Unrivaled Grim Tide Shotgun
  • Polar Vortex Multi-Weapon Skin
  • Blood Ravager Stake weapon attachment

The Vampire Hunter Pack contains the "Grim Tide" shotgun, which deals 20% more damage for eight seconds after killing an enemy. Also included are the "Polar Vortex" weapon skin and the "Blood Ravager" attachment for the Stake weapon, which will be useful in the battle for Redfall.

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