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Resident Evil HD Remaster

The game that defined the survival-horror genre is back! Check out the remastered HD version of Resident Evil.

Windows PC  Action
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01 July, 2016 – DarkZeroTV

Resident Evil HD Remaster PC 60FPS HD Gameplay Compilation

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I suppose the real questions are ‘do the visuals justify it being on a PS4‘ and ‘is this near-20-year-old-game still fun’, and I can safely give you a one-word answer; yes. It almost pains me to say it, but I can’t think of reason to play the original over this beautiful HD Remake. The visuals look like it was made for the PS4, not a console now 2 generations old. As for the gameplay and design, it’s perfect for anyone who likes a little less action and more slow paced exploration and that feeling of not wanting to explore for fear of what you might find. It’s still such a great game all these years later, and is a must play for all horror game fans, especially those who never go to play the original. And if you still aren’t convinced, check out our PC footage bellow.

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U01_0ZC9jXg

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