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24 January, 2021 – CraigBGP Team

Resident Evil Village coming May 7th: New Gameplay and details

Capcom let the zombie out of the bag in the showcase livestream: Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7th 2021 for PC. New video footage shows fresh gameplay scenes and the Evil Re:Verse free multiplayer shooter tie-in.

During Capcom's livestream "Resident Evil Showcase", fans were given a glimpse at the future of the series - including a release date for the upcoming Resident Evil Village - which is heading to PC and consoles on May 7th 2021. Not long to wait, but that wasn't all! We were treated to our first proper look at the game in action with new trailers and gameplay fresh from the oven. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise, Capcom also revealed a new "Multiplayer" tie-in called "Resident Evil Re:Verse" to help commentate the occasion.

Watch the full recording of the livestream introducing Resident Evil Village and RE Re:Verse here.

As we've seen in previous entries, there will also be a demo version of RE Village (also called Resident Evil 8) for PC gamers. For the time being, however, only PS5 owners will be able to try out the "Maiden" demo. Though PC players will not have to wait long as Capcom will also make another demo available for other platforms, including Steam in the Spring.

Resident Evil Village - Dense Atmosphere, New Features

Resident Evil Village was clearly the focus of the Capcom showcase. Some wished for the announcement of further remakes of older titles in the series, but that wasn't the case yet (though a rumoured RE4 is supposedly in the works). Speaking of expectations: You can undoubtedly raise them with regard to the presentation of RE Village with the unveiling of brand new gameplay scenes showcasing off a taste of what players can expect later this year. During the world premiere showcase, Capcom promise an atmospherically dense and gripping zombie adventure with Ethan Winters in the leading role once again (set several years after the events of RE7). Just look at the rendering of the castle interior - fabulous!

Ethan Winters, zombies, shooting, bashing - all well and good, we've had it all before. But what makes Resident Evil Village stand out and special is not only the successful graphic presentation, but also the basic setting with an unusual amount of supernatural fantasy elements. You can expect werewolves, vampires and witches in RE Village. And with a very special vampiric character that the fan base has already been anticipating: The unreal tall woman in a hat, Lady Dimitrescu. Of course, she was also not to be missed at the showcase.

First person combat is back, but in a polished form for 2021. Winters no longer just shoots and punches in the search for his kidnapped daughter, but has a few more tricks up his sleeve in close combat. Our protagonist comes out of the Capcom boot camp in May with the ability to now block and counter-attack enemies - particularly useful if you want to survive longer. You can see the new fighting techniques in the livestream recording from 37:00 on-wards. Ethan Winters can not only blocks attacks in the dark dungeon, but also boldly steps back with a counterattack. The sheer number of enemies also suggests that Resident Evil Village could be a little more combat-heavy than its predecessor, Resident Evil 7 biohazard.

Free Resident Evil Re:Verse for Online Deathmatches

We will have to do without the announcement of a Resident Evil 4 remake for the time being. And yet, during the Capcom showcase, it wasn't all about Resident Evil Village. With Resident Evil Re:Verse, Capcom announced a multiplayer variant for online deathmatches set within the RE universe. As part of Resident Evil's 25th anniversary, many familiar faces from the series are coming together once again for a joint appearance in this competitive multiplayer spin-off.

The first trailer of Resident Evil: Re:Verse does not show the complete deathmatch team, but at least some familiar figures are shown including Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Leon Kennedy, Chris and Claire Redfield, as well as the crazy Jack Baker from Resident Evil 7 is once again causing mayhem. Resident Evil Ambassadors will soon be able to test the beta version of Re:Verse. Everyone else will probably get their chance when RE Village is released, because Re:Verse is a free addition for all buyers of Resident Evil Village - and is included in both editions that we offer here on Gamesplanet.

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You can now pre-order the game and save up to 17% off! As an official partner of Capcom you're guaranteed to get bonuses: The Survival Set (which makes your entry into a game a little easier with extra resources) and the Mr. Raccoon weapon accessory. If you want more than "just" the Standard Edition you can also get the Resident Evil Village Digital Deluxe Edition.. The Deluxe Edition contains the pre-order extras just mentioned, as well as the Trauma Pack, with the following additional content: Samurai Edge weapon, Mr. Everywhere weapon accessory, on-screen filter, special save room background music and more.

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