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Session: Skate Sim

Made by and for skaters, the dual stick controls faithfully reproduce your feet on the skateboard for an ultra-realistic experience. Try out real-life iconic skate spots, customise your skater and equipment with items from the top brands

Windows PC  Simulation / Sport
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25 September, 2022 – RafalMGP Team

As Close to Realism as Possible - Session: Skate Sim

Soon it will be too cold, wet and slippery outside for daring skateboard tricks. While you wait over the winter grab Session: Skate Sim and experience the sport in a super-realistic way on screen.

The cartoonish OlliOlli World with it's arcade action packed gameplay proved that if you get the controls right - virtual skateboarding is exciting. If you've played previous entries of Skate you know that its realistic-oriented control scheme offers uniquely satisfying experience. Session: Skate Sim, developed by creā-ture Studios and distributed by Nacon, puts skateboarding in focus but takes a different approach with its authentic 3D look. No narrative story, no super-complex scoring systems, no gimmicks - just ultra-realistic skateboarding (and a bit of cosmetics). Let it roll and enjoy the trailer...

In Session: Skate Sim you are on the road in the golden 90s. No notifications, no tweets and no YouTube video can distract you from your favourite sport. It's just you, your board and the countless opportunities to find the best spots for your flips and grabs in four different locations. You perform your twin-stick tricks (Session: Skate Sim requires a gamepad) in real locations around the globe. Speed through New York City, San Francisco, Philadelphia and Luxembourg (Supporter Edition).

Session: Skate Sim focuses on pure realism, which is also noticeable in the twin-stick controls, which convey the skateboarding feeling well. There is no storyline here - instead, you work through a number of tasks step by step, automatically improving your skills and learning new tricks as you go along. You can customise your skater. Session hands you various branded items from the real world and lets you control well-known skateboarding pros if you prefer to get lost with pre-created characters.

Buying Session: Skate Sim? On Gamesplanet we offer you the Standard Edition, but also a Supporter Edition with some extras, the Brandalised Pack which provides additional branded items and the Session: Skate Sim Supporter Pack with the Luxembourg map and other gimmicks (the extras from the Supporter Edition).

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