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05 December, 2018 – CraigBGP Team

Demolish everything! The Crew 2 adds Demolition Derby and PVP Mode in free update today!

Crash cars and go head to head with the new free update for Ubisoft's Open World Racer The Crew, which goes live today. Demolition Derby and PVP mode added to the game.

In the early 90's, a little title named Destruction Derby by Psygnosis helped bring the popular motorsport action of Demolition Derby to a new audience of gamers around the world. Demotion Derby involves several cars going head to head in an arena, as they battle it out to cause ultimate carnage to each other. There's no racing involved here, just pure 300 horsepower destruction. Ubisoft is bringing that mayhem to it's online open world racer The Crew 2 with a brand new update for the game today, which adds in a number of features including Demotion Derby and much more!

If you're looking for a modern take on the Demolition Derby you can try out the recently launched Wreckfest. From today The Crew 2 will add in their own Demolition Derby mode with a brand new free update for the game. This is the second major update for the game, which will also allow players to go head to head as they crash cars.

Two venues for the new discipline

Demolition Derby is a new freestyle discipline for The Crew 2's MotorNation. Go behind the wheel of a destructible vehicle and participate in 8 crazy events based in 2 locations on the map. One Arena can be found in the heart of the Bonneville Salt Flats, and the other is located in the aircraft cemetery of Tucson. In both cases the object is simple, ram enemy vehicles and cause as much damage as possible.

14 new vehicles for The Crew 2

Of course, the update wouldn't be complete without new vehicles to wreck in the arena. Ubisoft will be providing 14 cars for Demotion Derby in the upcoming months, with 4 being available today via in-game credits or earned within the game. You can get a glimpse at 6 of the cars coming with the gallery below:

Fender Vero

Fender Bulk

Fender Frontiera

Fender Firenze

Fender Rattlesnake

New Activities, Photo Quests, PvP Mode

Ubisofft will also be giving brand new activities based on existing disciplines as part of today's update such as: Drift, Alpha, Grand Prix and Rally Cross. Additionally, the LIVE Buses are up and running at each headquarters, which will allow players to get new daily contracts to earn crew credits. These will be different for each player and there is no time limit for completing them, allowing you to stack up unfinished contracts. Photographers will be able to test their camera skills in the game with 8 new Demolition-themed photo quests.

And, perhaps the best news, PVP has finally been moved to a high priority for The Crew 2. Coming in today's demolition you'll be able to compete with up to 8 other players in various disciplines, including all previous ones! This will be available to all players after they've unlocked their fifrst HQ. Vehicle levels will be automatically set to their respective maximum level, and you can get started with a live battle if you visit the appropriate tent in the game.

The two "playlists" on such a tent cover different areas. Via the "Race" playlist you get to the road races and hypercar events, without any collision queries. With the second playlist, "Mix", you venture into all other disciplines of The Crew 2, with the exception of Drag Race and Air Race. Every day will see a new rotation of daily events swapping in/out. After selecting the playlist you walk into the lobby where seven other players meet you. Then, within a time limit, all participants vote to decide which event should be started from the playlist.

All players participating in the PvP game modes compete for the top spots in a ranked league. The Crew 2 distinguishes between four leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. If you want to know more about the PvP system, you can find some more details on the Official Site.

Source: https://thecrew-game.ubisoft.com/the-crew-2/en-us/news/152-340712-16/demolition-derby-crashes-into-the-crew%C2%AE-2-on-december-5

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