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The Crew 2

Take on the American motorsports scene as you explore and dominate the land, air, and sea across the entire USA.

Windows PC  MMO / Sport
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25 April, 2019 – RafalMGP Team

The Crew 2 Free Weekend! With tuned deals from Gamesplanet

If someone would tell you - here are tickets to US with a coupon to test drive any car, any boat and any plane you wish, no strings attached - would you say no? Of course not! You have the chance to try it out in Ubisoft's virtual car playground - The Crew 2 as it is for free until 28.04! We too decided to join the trip and offer some crazy deals if you decide to stay in the US for a while longer.

It's not the first event of this kind. Ubisoft regularly invites gamers to try their games for free over the weekends. This weekend you can play The Crew 2. From April 25 to April 28, 2019, you won't have to pay for fuel, nor will you have to pay anything for the customizable airplanes and cars for your USA tour. Just start the Uplay client, download The Crew 2 for free and turn the ignition key. The progress you make this weekend will be saved in your Uplay account. If you buy The Crew 2 from Gamesplanet during the free event, your score will remain the same.

It's up to you whether you want to chase the best times in the road and off-road races alone or compete with other players in the huge, open-world game. You are given the freedom to choose land, sea or air vehicles, so you get triple the fun. If you'll find it exciting, keep the game with our special deal which will last even after the 28th of April, as we offer The Crew 2 on this weekend absolutely cheap. You save up to 72% on your purchase! The Season Pass for the game has also been significantly reduced in price.

Play The Crew 2 for free from 25th to 28th April - this is how it works

The Crew 2will be free to play throughout the weekend, but you can download the game today. Log in to the Uplay client and simply use the download option for The Crew 2. Or copy the following command into the address bar of your browser:


  • Start of the free game weekend: 25 April 2019, 9 a.m.
  • End of test drives and frequent flyers: 28 April

Experience the new content in The Crew 2

According to Ubisoft your weekend with The Crew 2 will hardly be subject to restrictions. You can cover the entire virtual image of the USA with tire tracks and stir up mud on the east and west coasts with your favorite off-roader. A clean gaming experience awaits you at the water sports and when you decide to dry yourself out, just hop on to a plane. In 14 disciplines you can compete with friends in the multiplayer mode of The Crew 2. Again, you'll find a wide range of driving and flying equipment, all customizable with countless prestige elements: cars, motorcycles, boats and planes. At least until 28 April. Before the free time runs out, take advantage of one of the great deals Gamesplanet has to offer to keep you on the track of your career as a motorsport champion in the US.

Also included are the contents of the new Hot Shots Update for The Crew 2. Real Hot Shotters not only want to win races, they also want to look their best at the LIVE Summit. That's why you'll collect exclusive hot-shot customization elements and race brand new elite cars across the USA. You can almost smell the petrol and burnt rubber in the trailer.

The Crew 2 buy cheap this weekend at Gamesplanet

Ubisoft gives you free temporary ticket but we give you cheap offer to stay in the world of The Crew for as long as you desire. Buy the Open World racing game until April 28, 2019 with up to 72% discount at Gamesplanet and continue your game where you stopped playing after the free weekend. Your progress will not be lost. We also have the Season Pass on offer during this period.

The Crew 2 Edition Activation Discount Price
The Crew 2 Uplay 72% £13.99
The Crew 2 - Deluxe Edition Uplay 71% £16.99
The Crew 2 - Gold Edition Uplay 71% £21.50
The Crew 2 - Season Pass Uplay 53% £15.99
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