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The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is the latest chapter of the award-winning franchise – and will bring the legendary experience online to PC for the first time.

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19 January, 2024 – RafalMGP Team

The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road - new chapter announced for June 2024

With The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road opens a new chapter in the cult MMO on 3 June 2024. With locations that you may remember from Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion.

This summer, the most fertile areas of Tamriel invite you to explore further: developer Zenimax and publisher Bethesda are paving your way with gold in The Elder Scrolls Online. In ESO: Gold Road, the new mega-expansion due for release on 3 June with brand new quests, rewards, challenges, characters and fresh stories in the Elder Scrolls universe await you in new areas of the Western Fens. Not all of the new locations are entirely new: the Western Wastelands were already part of the world map in TES4: Oblivion. In ESO: Gold Road, however, the areas will probably look much better than in the RPG classic, as the announcement trailer for Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road impressively demonstrates the upcoming content.

Golden times for ESO players

The Gold Road chapter is set to kick off on 11 March with the opening of the dungeons from the DLC "Scions of Ithelia" (in the ESO Plus subscription or in the Crown Store). The content from the DLC picks up where the story of the Necrom chapter ended in 2023. So it's best to complete Necrom beforehand in order to experience the story in its entirety and before embarking on the golden paths to the new chapter in June.

In the western meadows of ESO: Gold Road, disaster is on the horizon. Valenwald's jungle is increasingly spreading across Twilightwood, which the forest elves of Vashabar, for example, do not like at all. Once fertile areas are spoilt and the animals of affected regions turn into aggressive enemies. With the arrival of hostile Daedra hordes led by the Daedra princess Ithelia, the chaos is complete and you find yourself off the Gold Road in areas on the surface and in dungeons that put you and your allies to the test.

New in ESO: Gold Road

ZeniMax confronts you with Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road, ZeniMax also presents you with a new 12-player trial in the Luminite Citadel. There you and your adventuring party will battle your way through daedric vaults with previously unknown dangers and rewards. ZeniMax is talking about 10 new portable item sets in the Westauen, additional antiquities, unlockable collectibles, achievements and titles that will gild your reputation in the online world.

The developers have also tweaked the skills. You can use the new skill styles to change the appearance of your favourite skills. This is based on the new reward collectibles introduced with Gold Road. With the new gameplay system of the Lore of Writing, you can customise ESO to your own play style by delving into the heart of magic itself, acquiring special abilities and determining their effects and functionality individually.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Buy Gold Road at Gamesplanet - bonuses included

As with every release of a new chapter for ESO, we are now offering you the many different Gold Road packs on Gamesplanet to expand your ESO. We have the Standard Expansion for the main game and the Deluxe Upgrade for existing ESO players - either as a ZeniMax or Steam key. This also applies to the Collections, which are aimed at players who will be travelling in the ESO universe for the first time and therefore want to purchase the main game and all other chapter expansions in one go. Beginners should therefore opt for the ESO Collection: Gold Road or the Deluxe Collection with even more content.

If you pre-order one of the Gold Road editions on Gamesplanet by 18 March 2024, you will receive immediate access to pets and a matching mount as well as additional rewards on release.

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