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Total War: Three Kingdoms is the next major historical strategy game in the award-winning Total War series.

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09 May, 2019 – HForHavoc

PRE-PREVIEW BUILD ARMY MECHANICS IMPRESSIONS with Cody Bonds | Total War: Three Kingdoms Podcast

Hello everyone! This is a new format of video for the channel, so don't worry if you don't recognize it. Cody Bonds wanted to have a discussion about some Army Mechanics the Total War Content Creators have noticed in our pre-preview build of Total War: Three Kingdoms. So I thought it'd be cool to turn it into a podcast of sorts!

DISCLAIMER: This podcast is a discussion on the pre-preview build of Total War: Three Kingdoms. Anything we talk about in this episode is not a final product and should not be taken as such.

Go check out Cody Bonds: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgIg0hvGHGc8O8kdrWWPPEg

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