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Vikings - Wolves of Midgard Steam Key

Vikings - Wolves of Midgard

Ragnarok. Legend has it that when the coldest winter descends, the Jotan will return to take their vengeance against the Gods of Asgard. The world is on the road to perdition and the fate of Midgard hangs in the balance.

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14 January, 2017 – CraigBGP Team

Vikings - Wolves of Midgard Action Gameplay Trailer

Vikings – Wolves of Midgard takes you to the Shores of Midgard, a world based upon the mythology and history of the Vikings, but with a fantasy twist. Battle the fearsome Jotan, hordes of terrifying undead monstrosities and the beasts of Ragnarok, as you strive to survive the growing cold of Fimbulwinter.

In this fast paced action RPG, you'll be put to the test as you battle countless creatures in order to save Midgard from complete destruction, can you save your clan from being overrun? The gameplay looks similar to that of Diablo and that's not a bad thing, one to keep an eye on for all you RPG fans!

The game will be available early 2017 for PC, Mac, SteamOS (Linux), Xbox One and PS4.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjMb00UwQMk

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