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Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior
Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior / Rewind time to create clones   £20.99 -10% £18.89
Reigns Beyond
Reigns Beyond / A swipe-based adventure game   £4.29
Ultros / A psychedelic metroidvania!   £19.99 -28% £14.39
Dicefolk / Build a team of powerful Chimeras   £12.79 -10% £11.51
Hex Gambit: Respawned
Hex Gambit: Respawned / Qirky and competitive board game   £12.99 -10% £11.69
Britannia / Now Available   £20.99 -43% £11.99
Quadroids / Puzzle platformer with a twist!   £9.99 -10% £8.99
Passing By - A Tailwind Journey
Passing By - A Tailwind Journey / Take to the skies in your balloon ship   £8.50 -10% £7.65
FloraMancer: Seeds and Spells
FloraMancer: Seeds and Spells / Grow Powerful Spells!   £4.99 -5% £4.74
Lords of Exile
Lords of Exile / Embark on a quest for revenge   £12.79 -10% £11.51

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Ready, Steady, Ship!
Ready, Steady, Ship! £12.79 -25% £9.59
Saviorless £11.99 -10% £10.79
Terra Memoria
Terra Memoria £16.75 -10% £15.08

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DreamWorks All-Star Kart Racing

An all-star cast of iconic DreamWorks characters brings the fun and hilarity to high-speed kart racing action like never before! Race on 20 different DreamWorks-themed tracks with your choice of 20 of the most iconic DreamWorks characters in a kart racing experience like no other.

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / Sport
£34.99 -59% £14.44

Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot

A blob of goo used to create artificial humans has become sentient and risen up against its creator — the Despot, an evil AI and (unfortunately) ruler of the world in the year 3000! Become this murderous jelly and pave your path with death, violence and pretzels in this action-packed roguelite from the creators of Despot's Game and Despotism 3K.

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie
£4.29 -30% £2.99

My Time at Sandrock

Travel to the desert community of Sandrock and take on the role of a fledgling Builder. Use your trusty toolset to gather resources, construct machines, and turn your run-down workshop into a well-oiled production facility to save the town from the jaws of economic ruin!

Windows PC  Adventure / Arcade & Indie
£34.99 -29% £24.93

My Time at Sandrock - Deluxe Edition

Celebrate the ultimate My Time at Sandrock experience with the exclusive Bundle!

Windows PC  Adventure / Arcade & Indie
£44.99 -24% £33.99

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale

Headbangers is a light-hearted, Rhythm Battle Royale Game where you and 29 other Pigeons compete against each other, all to complete your quest of claiming the title of Master Headbanger!

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie
£19.99 -41% £11.89

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale - Deluxe Edition

Are you ready to jump into Headbangers Rhythm Royale? Make sure you are the master headbanger with this Deluxe Edition!

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie
£29.99 -42% £17.50

The Golden Eyed Ghosts

The Golden Eyed Ghosts is a dark fantasy soulslike heavily influenced by the legacy of Zelda adventures, set in the crumbling kingdom of Andromeda. As exiled warrior Orion, search for a way to restore his memories and unravel a terrifying conspiracy.

Windows PC  Action / Arcade & Indie
£16.75 -10% £15.08

Moonstone Island Eerie Items DLC Pack

Nothing says Autumn like decorations! We have them for you in spades in the EERIE ITEMS DLC pack! Give your homestead a little glow up (or darken down in this case??) with the following placeable items (pumpkin spice scent not included):

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Arcade & Indie
£3.49 -37% £2.19


"Wetory" is a 3D action roguelike game with a cartoon-style graphics. The story revolves around a child who can create watercolors from their feet, embarking on an adventure to restore all the colors in the world after they are stolen by a villain.

Windows PCApple Mac  Arcade & Indie
£9.69 -10% £8.72

Pickleball Smash

Unleash Your Pickleball Fever! Get ready to serve, dink, and smash your way to victory in the thrilling world of Pickleball Smash. Compete across multiple venues, jump into challenging minigames, and play in competitive tournaments to become the best of the best.

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / Sport
£34.99 -10% £31.49

Vengeance of Mr. Peppermint

Embody a hard-boiled detective seeking bloody justice. in an old-school, Korean-style beat-’em-up. Plow through the criminal underworld to find and punish those responsible for his sister's death...before his mind unravels and his vengeance completely destroys him.

Windows PCApple Mac  Action / Arcade & Indie
£16.75 -10% £15.08


Exterminate hordes of zombies in a world devastated by a deadly virus and collect resources for one of the last survivor camps. FatalZone is an auto shooter with roguelike and RPG elements where you fortify your camp and send mercenaries on deadly missions... all of that to save humanity!

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie
£4.29 -30% £2.99

Farmer's Life

Unleash the Farmer within. Dive into the rustic charm of rural living in "Farmer's Life," where you'll experience the joy and challenges of life on a vibrant farmstead. Plant, grow, and embrace a country living in a vast open world. You choose from diverse mechanics and endless possibilities.

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / Simulation
£16.75 -44% £9.45

Wizard with a Gun

Wizard with a Gun is an online cooperative sandbox survival game set in a magical wilderness wrought with dangerous creatures and arcane mysteries. Embark on a journey alone or with friends to collect, craft, and outfit your wizard however you see fit as you explore the unknown.

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie
£20.99 -30% £14.69

Vlad Circus: Descend Into Madness

Vlad Circus: Descend into Madness puts your sanity to the test, challenging you to escape a labyrinth of nightmares and torment. Test your mind against a slow burn of puzzles, light survival mechanics, and methodical action.

Windows PC  Adventure / Arcade & Indie
£16.99 -10% £15.29

Night Loops

A story about finding the “psychic somewhere.” Numb, floating in a day-to-day nowhere, each night bleeds the same but different. It is said here, that through The Path, an inner world can be rebuilt and your ownership returned. Yes, this is a psychological-horror adventure game…but it’s one like you’ve never seen before.

Windows PCApple Mac  Arcade & Indie

From Space - Mission Pack: Molten Iron

Mission Pack: Molten Iron is a DLC for From Space that will take your Horde Mode experience to the next level. Ramp up your gameplay with the addition of 2 new maps (Crucible and Steelworks), a weapon (Plasma Shotgun), 2 items (Bear Trap and Napalm Mine), and a perk (Protective Coveralls).

Windows PC  Action / Arcade & Indie
£3.99 -5% £3.79

From Space - Mission Pack: Concrete Jungle

Mission Pack: Concrete Jungle is a DLC for From Space that will take your Horde Mode experience to the next level. Ramp up your gameplay with the addition of 2 new maps (Rooftop and Hospital), a weapon (Medic Gun), 2 items (Decoy Soldier and Ice Maker), and a perk (Resurrection Perk).

Windows PC  Action / Arcade & Indie
£3.99 -5% £3.79

Definitely Not Fried Chicken

Definitely Not Fried Chicken is a business management sim with a Twist! Grow your drugs trade through legitimate fronts by managing both sides of the business. Acquire new "businesses", meet new clientele, Develop more potent narcotics, make lots of money and leave a city in ruin!

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / Simulation
£19.49 -57% £8.35

Friends vs Friends: Wired Wrecks

Wired Wrecks is the first Premium Expansion for Friends vs Friends!

Windows PC  Action / Arcade & Indie
£6.99 -52% £3.39