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Jurassic World Evolution 2
Jurassic World Evolution 2 / Create your own Jurassic World   £49.99
OMSI 2 Add-on Downloadpack Vol. 11 - AI-Electric Cars
OMSI 2 Add-on Downloadpack Vol. 11 - AI-Electric Cars / Now Available   £11.70 -10% £10.53
Medieval Dynasty
Medieval Dynasty / Discover the world of the Middle Ages   £26.99 -20% £21.59
RiMS Racing
RiMS Racing / Ride the world's most powerful bikes!   £39.99 -10% £35.99
SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator
SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator / Paint everywhere and create art   £15.49 -10% £13.94
Gas Station Simulator
Gas Station Simulator / Run your own Gas Station!   £15.49 -10% £13.94
Lawn Mowing Simulator
Lawn Mowing Simulator / Now Available   £24.99 -10% £22.49
Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
Police Simulator: Patrol Officers / Now Available   £17.99 -10% £16.19
Comanche / A modern helicopter shooter   £17.99 -10% £16.19
OMSI 2 Add-On Coachbus 250Next
OMSI 2 Add-On Coachbus 250Next / Now Available   £13.51 -10% £12.15

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rFactor 2

rFactor 2 is a realistic, easily extendable racing simulation from Studio 397.

Windows PC  Simulation / Sport
£25.79 -10% £23.21


Rocksmith™ is the first and only game that you can plug into any real guitar or bass.

Windows PC  Simulation
£25.99 -10% £23.39

Star Trek Bridge Crew + The Next Generation Bundle

Immerse yourself in the complete Star Trek experience with Star Trek™: Bridge Crew, including The Next Generation DLC.

Windows PC  Simulation / Virtual Reality
£25.99 -10% £23.39

Embr 2-Pack

Embr is a frantic firefighting game set in a hyper-capitalist reality where traditional emergency services are a thing of the past. Scale buildings, smash windows, fight fires and save lives either alone or with up to four players. Embr is the last stand in a world ablaze.

Windows PC  Action / Simulation
£25.99 -10% £23.39


Get ready for the next-generation off-road experience! Drive powerful vehicles and overcome extreme open environments to complete dozens of challenging missions solo or with up to 3 friends!

Windows PC  Simulation
£25.99 -10% £23.39

AGOS: A Game Of Space

Explore unique star systems in AGOS: A Game of Space! Scavenge resources, face the danger of space and save humankind.

Windows PC  Simulation / Virtual Reality
£25.99 -10% £23.39

World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator

Experience general aviation as never before! World of Aircraft is a series of stand-alone simulators that each focus on a specific kind of flying. World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator includes a series of (motor-) gliders and tow aircraft based on a high definition flying area.

Windows PC  Simulation
£25.99 -10% £23.39

City of Gangsters

Start a crime syndicate from nothing, and grow it into a well-oiled money machine. Build speakeasies and illegal distilleries. Manage production chains and resource distribution. Smuggle goods from out of town and bribe the police to look the other way.

Windows PC  Simulation / Strategy
£26.29 -10% £23.66

Euro Truck Simulator 2: Cargo Collection Bundle

The most up to date version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 plus the addition of these valuable extra content packs.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Simulation
£24.99 -5% £23.74

Train Simulator: Chatham Main & Medway Valley Lines Route Add-On

Soak in the sights, sounds and smells of a venerable route with almost 200 years of history, but which still runs both passenger and freight services across the Kentish countryside. With a range of locos and multiple units tearing down the tracks between lovingly rendered, true-to-life stations this is the route for all fans of English rail!

Windows PC  Simulation
£24.99 -5% £23.74

Tourist Bus Simulator

Create your own bus empire on Fuerteventura now!

Windows PC  Simulation
£27.00 -12% £23.79

Realpolitiks II

It's time for a second term! As the leader of your country, use diplomacy, espionage, military domination, and economic control to expand your borders. Vie for global domination in this real-time grand-strategy with every tool at your disposal.

Windows PC  Simulation / Strategy
£27.99 -15% £23.79

Hunting Simulator

Live the adventure of the hunt, from Alberta to Texas, France, Colorado or Scotland. Play single or multiplayer, choose your hunting gear and firearms of choice, including Browning® and Winchester® models, and master tracking 37 different animal species each with realistic behaviours.

Windows PC  Simulation
£29.99 -20% £23.99

Rocksmith® 2014 Edition – Remastered

The fastest way to learn guitar is now better than ever. Join over three million people who have learned to play guitar with the award-winning Rocksmith® method. Plug any real guitar or bass with a 1/4 inch jack directly into your PC or Mac and you’ll learn to play in just 60 days.

Windows PCApple Mac  Simulation
£25.99 -7% £24.29

OMSI 2 Add-on Metropole Ruhr

You can experience Germany’s largest metropolitan area on more than 800 km of drivable route, more than 50 bus lines in 15 Ruhr cities and along 2,000 custom buildings and objects as well as on a fully drivable motorway. Original VRR schedule data for many lines add the final touch of realism.

Windows PC  Simulation
£26.99 -10% £24.29

Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars is a sci-fi city builder all about colonizing Mars and surviving the process. Choose a space agency for resources and financial support before determining a location for your colony. Build domes and infrastructure, research new possibilities and utilize drones to unlock more elaborate ways to shape and expand your settlement.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Simulation / Strategy
£26.99 -10% £24.29

Pure Farming 2018 - Deluxe Edition

Experience the global nature of modern farming in its entirety with Pure Farming 2018: Digital Deluxe Edition.

Windows PC  Simulation
£26.99 -10% £24.29

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Gold Edition

Men of War: Assault Squad 2 features new single player style skirmish modes that take players from extreme tank combat to deadly sniper stealth missions.

Windows PC  Action / Strategy
£26.99 -10% £24.29

Transport Fever

Transport Fever is a railroad­-focused tycoon game. Players start in 1850 and build up a thriving transport company.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Simulation
£26.99 -10% £24.29

Railroad Corporation

Relive the pioneering spirit of the Golden Age of Steam by establishing your own railroad empire across 19th century North America. Race against time, as well as the competition, to bring settlements together, produce and trade goods and develop new technologies.

Windows PC  Strategy / Simulation
£26.99 -10% £24.29