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Space Crew
Space Crew / Your Space Crew Needs You!   £17.99 -10% £16.19
Spacebase Startopia
Spacebase Startopia / Let us join forces to conquer space   £45.99 -10% £41.39
Stirring Abyss
Stirring Abyss / Tactical squad-based game with RPG   £19.49 -20% £15.59
A Game of Thrones: The Board Game – Digital Edition
A Game of Thrones: The Board Game – Digital Edition / Conquer the Iron Throne!   £15.99 -10% £14.39
HUMANKIND Digital Deluxe Edition
HUMANKIND Digital Deluxe Edition / What civilization will you shape?   £47.99 -20% £38.39
Transformers: Battlegrounds
Transformers: Battlegrounds / Assemble your squad and roll out   £34.99 -10% £31.49
Partisans 1941
Partisans 1941 / Experience an unique chapter of WWII   £25.99 -10% £23.39
Port Royale 4 Extended Edition
Port Royale 4 Extended Edition / Set sail and join the colonial powers   £51.99 -10% £46.79
Spacebase Startopia  Extended Edition
Spacebase Startopia Extended Edition / Let us join forces to conquer space   £51.99 -10% £46.79
Stellaris: Necroids Species Pack
Stellaris: Necroids Species Pack / Now Available   £5.79 -5% £5.50

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Surviving the Aftermath
Surviving the Aftermath £21.99 -10% £19.79
Partisans 1941
Partisans 1941 £25.99 -10% £23.39
Crusader Kings III
Crusader Kings III £41.99 -10% £37.79
Empire of Sin
Empire of Sin £34.99 -10% £31.49

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Realpolitiks II

It's time for a second term! As the leader of your country, use diplomacy, espionage, military domination, and economic control to expand your borders. Vie for global domination in this real-time grand-strategy with every tool at your disposal.

Windows PC  Release: 05.11.2020

The Bluecoats: North & South

Reunite with Sergeant Cornelius M. Chesterfield and Corporal Blutch in this remastered game that combines turn-based strategy and real-time action. This new version will delight fans of the original game, initially released on the Amiga at the end of the 1980s!

Windows PCApple Mac  Release: 05.11.2020

Stellaris: Necroids Species Pack

Necroids, an intelligent undead species that live death to the fullest, will allow players to form empires that thrive where others might perish - and perish that others might thrive!

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Strategy
£5.79 -5% £5.50

Stirring Abyss

Stirring Abyss is an indie tactical squad-based game with strong RPG elements in which you uncover the ancient mysteries of the depths depicted in the classic vein of Lovecraftian horror.

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / RPG (Roleplay)
£19.49 -20% £15.59


Manage a Dwarven mining colony in the unexplored mountains of Mara. As a war rages in the Overworld, you will need to craft, explore and fight as you provide your allies with the finest weapons and gear to assist in the war against evil.

Windows PC  Strategy
£19.99 -10% £17.99

Transformers: Battlegrounds Deluxe Version

The Deluxe Version contains the base game + 4 Skin Packs (Battle Hardened Autobots, Energon Autobots, Gold Autobots Skin Pack, Neon Autobot Skin Pack) + an extra game mode (Cube Arcade Game Mode)

Windows PC  Strategy
£44.82 -11% £39.99

Transformers: Battlegrounds

BUMBLEBEE and the Autobots have a new commander – you. Assemble your squad and roll out for battle against the Decepticons... and team up in local multiplayer!

Windows PC  Strategy
£34.99 -10% £31.49

Surviving the Aftermath

Survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic future — resources are scarce but opportunity calls. Build the ultimate disaster proof colony, protect your colonists, and restore civilization to a devastated world.

Windows PC  Strategy
£21.99 -10% £19.79


DwarfHeim is the next generation of co-op RTS games. A unique RTS with Co-op PVP and PVE game modes. Choose your class, gather resources, build and defend your dwarven city. Defeat opponents in competitive matches, manage your town and units as a team and work together to conquer...

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / Strategy
£19.99 -10% £17.99

Fantasy General II: Empire Aflame

You will decide the fate of the fallen Empire and all of Keldonia. Join the forces of the Shadowlord or resist him and seek to stem the tide of his minions.

Windows PC  Strategy
£11.39 -10% £10.25

Drone Swarm Deluxe Upgrade

Get a wealth of additional content to upgrade your Drone Swarm base game to “Drone Swarm Deluxe Edition

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / Strategy

Drone Swarm Deluxe Edition

Includes the Drone Swarm base game, two in-game weapon upgrades for your mothership, the first official digital Drone Swarm comic, and the Drone Swarm soundtrack

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / Strategy
£22.49 -11% £19.99

Drone Swarm

Control a swarm of 32,000 drones in this strategy-adventure set in vast expanses of space! Jump from system to system and battle powerful alien fleets on your campaign to find New Earth.

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / Strategy
£17.99 -11% £15.99

Space Crew

Captain's Log, Star Date 2152. This is Space Crew. Its continuing mission: To defend Earth and humankind, to eliminate the extraterrestrial threat and to boldly go where no Crew has gone before in this unique, strategic, space simulation!

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Arcade & Indie / Strategy
£17.99 -10% £16.19

Age of Empires Definitive Collection

Experience one of the most beloved real-time strategy franchises with the Age of Empires: Definitive Collection.

Windows PC  Strategy
£33.72 -11% £29.99

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition completes the celebration of one of the most beloved real-time strategy franchises in definitive form with enhanced features and modernized gameplay.

Windows PC  Strategy
£14.99 -10% £13.49

Hearts of Iron IV: Battle for the Bosporus

This expansion for Hearts of Iron IV adds dedicated national focus trees to the minor powers around the Black Sea and the Aegean. Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey can each chart unique historical and alternate history paths as they resist efforts by the major powers to dominate the strategic sealanes of the Bosporus and Dardanelles.

Windows PCApple MacLinux  Strategy
£7.19 -5% £6.83

Partisans 1941 - Supporter Pack

Partisans 1941 - Supporter Pack contains: the Soundtrack, the Artbook (including a strategy guide) and the nice addition of the Camp Dog, a faithful companion for the partisans in their base.

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / Strategy
£5.99 -10% £5.39

Partisans 1941

Partisans 1941 is a real-time tactics game with stealth elements, set on the eastern front of WW II. As an army commander behind enemy lines you gather a group of Partisans to wage guerilla warfare against the German occupants.

Windows PC  Arcade & Indie / Strategy
£25.99 -10% £23.39

Neighbours back From Hell

Did you know that “Schadenfreude” is a German word defined as the concept of finding joy in someone else’s misfortune? It is also the main idea on which Neighbours back From Hell is built.

Windows PC  Strategy
£12.99 -10% £11.69