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Anno 1800

Experience one of the most exciting and fast-changing periods of all time. Discover new technologies, continents, and societies.

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12 April, 2022 – sebblaGP Team

Play Anno 1800 for free for a week from April 12th to 19th

With the launch of Season 4 Pass, Ubisoft invites you to play the game Anno 1800 for free during the Free Week from April 12th to 19th. For all those interested in Anno 1800, this is a good time to sweeten even more the already sweet Easter...

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01 September, 2021 – sebblaGP Team

Play Anno 1800 for free from the 1st to the 6th of September!

The 3rd Season Pass expands Anno 1800 with three DLCs. The third and last DLC, High Life, from the Season Pass will be available on August 31st. Anno 1800 is a real-time strategy, economic simulation set in the time of industrialization....

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24 February, 2021 – RafalMGP Team

Play Anno 1800 for free - this is how you can take part in Ubisoft's free weekend

Ready to build an industrial empire in the mid-19th century? Try Ubisoft's brilliant building game Anno 1800 during its free weekend from February 25 - 28th, 2021. If you'll like the game, we'll be there for you with special offers. Ubisoft is...

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14 April, 2019 – CraigBGP Team

Anno 1800 prepares for April 16th release with new launch trailer

We're getting close to the launch of the popular world building game Anno 1800, which is set to launch very soon on April 16th. Before that however, Ubisoft has given fans a chance to try out the Open Beta this weekend for players to get hands-on...

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11 April, 2019 – CraigBGP Team

Anno 1800: Family drama unfolds in the Story Campaign

In the late 19th century of the 1800s, we experience a real family drama in the campaign of the upcoming strategy game Anno 1800. Ubisoft tells us what the story of the game is all about. The Industrial Revolution was a time of change and new...

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10 April, 2019 – CraigBGP Team

Anno 1800 Open Beta Begins April 12th - Preload today!

Create your own world in the free Open Beta for the upcoming Anno 1800, which begins later this week on April 12th. Ubisoft allows all players a chance to try the game before the release on April 16th. Take a trip back in time as Ubisoft's...

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