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Experience one of the most exciting and fast-changing periods of all time. Discover new technologies, continents, and societies.

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10 April, 2019 – CraigBGP Team

Anno 1800 Open Beta Begins April 12th - Preload today!

Create your own world in the free Open Beta for the upcoming Anno 1800, which begins later this week on April 12th. Ubisoft allows all players a chance to try the game before the release on April 16th.

Take a trip back in time as Ubisoft's popular world building franchise returns next week on April 16th when Anno 1800 launches. Get a look at the game this weekend with the Open Beta, which runs from April 12th until April 14th, and is free to all players. With Anno 1800, Ubisoft has refined the experience with greater visuals over past games and a number of great new features. Find out how the game plays this weekend at no extra cost as you build your own industrial world. No key is required to take part, only requires having a Uplay account.

If you like the Open Beta of Anno 1800 and would like to purchase the game, you can do so at Gamesplanet until April 15th. We deliver Uplay Keys (via Ubisoft Connect) for Anno 1800 instantly with the pre-order bonus included. Starting with the release on April 16th, we will remove Anno 1800 from the store and the title will then only be available at Ubisoft itself and another exclusive digital store.

Anno 1800: Open Beta Start times

Spend an entire weekend building your world as the Open Beta for Anno 1800 starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. The release of Anno 1800 happens on April 16th. Therefore the content shown in the beta should not differ too much from the final version. Ubisoft will also make it possible to preload the beta from today.

Preload start: April 10th
Runtime of the Open Beta: April 12th - 14th 2019
Start time: April 12th at 1am BST / 2am CEST

Note: Ubisoft has announced that you must be permanently online during the Open Beta. This "Always Online" only refers to the beta phase. The single player content can be played without an internet connection from the release of Anno 1800 on April 16th.

How to play the Anno 1800 Open Beta
It's quite simple: Open the Uplay Client and look for the Anno 1800 Open Beta entry in your library on April 10th. A registration for the beta is not necessary and you only need to login to your Ubisoft account to take part.

Anno 1800 System Requirements.
Ubisoft has announced the (probably final) system requirements of Anno 1800. Take a look at the full [PC System Requirements for Anno 1800 in our Help Section for the game.

Anno 1800 Open Beta Content

In Anno Union's blog entry, Ubisoft discusses the Open Beta's planned content. As the game is a "near final" representation of the game, the Open Beta is based on a version of the game that has already taken the feedback of the community from past beta phases into account. But, as with any Beta, this is only a small portion of the full game. The game will be capped at tier 3 of the game during the Beta. Players will be able to try out the first Act of the Story Campaign for the first time, plus they'll be given access to the Multiplayer mode.

There'll be no NDA on the Beta, and all Streamers and YouTubers are allowed to stream or publish any content they see fit on the game. For those who do create content, Ubisoft even asks that they share the content on social media with the hashtags #Anno1800, #AnnoUnion or #Anno10800OB.

Saved games will not work with the full game

As you'd expect with an Open Beta, Anno 1800 will not be compatible with saves from the Beta and players will not be able to carry progress over to the final game so you're free to delete the game files once it has ended. Ubisoft explains that this is due to the way the Beta works. In the full game there will be more citizen tiers, with 5 in total. For the Open Beta, they are limiting things to 3, which means that the AI would become broken when attempting to use save files from the Beta.

You can also safely delete the Open Beta game data after the end of the Beta, as players will need to download a separate version of Anno 1800 for the full game.

Reward for Beta Participants
Ubisoft offers all beta players a small reward. And you can even use it later in the final game! All participants receive the exclusive "Chess Table" decoration. This can be unlocked from the release of Anno 1800 on April 16th in the Ubisoft Club as a club reward via the Uplay client.

Anno 1800 launches on April 16th, pre-order the game from Gamesplanet by launch to get your key instantly. You'll also get some great bonuses for pre-ordering (Anno 1602 Monument, Imperial Command Ship, and Imperial Train), which are only available during pre-order. On Gamesplanet we offer the Standard and the Deluxe Edition of Anno 1800. From April 16th, Anno 1800 will officially only be available digitally at Uplay and one other exclusive digital store.

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