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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Standard Edition

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Standard Edition

The stakes have never been higher as players take on the role of lethal Tier One operators in a heart-racing saga that will affect the global balance of power.

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14 August, 2019 - CraigBGP Team

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - 24 Minutes of New 4k Multiplayer Gameplay

Battle Royale? Not so important anymore. At least not in the beginning. Instead, developer Infinity Ward is relying on classic multiplayer battles for this year's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, as well the inclusion of a brand new single player story campaign which will reboot the series. But something that everyone is looking forward to is the upcoming Multiplayer, which is a staple for the franchise and the fast paced gunplay moves to a brand new engine with the latest entry in the series for more impressive visuals.

In the new gameplay trailer we get a glimpse at some of the action in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer, with 24 minutes of 4k fights to sink your teeth into. A must watch for all fans of the series, and those looking to jump into the war when it launches later this year. All footage shown was recorded with a PS4 Pro, so when we get our hands on the PC Version it should look even more stunning thanks to a range of options including higher fields of view, better textures, higher refresh rates and more!

The 4K video from developer Infinity Ward shows five different game modes on five multiplayer maps, including a night mission. The new Modern Warfare's mode known as "Ground War", is a multiplayer mode that lets up to 100 players play against each other simultaneously. Which sounds a little like Battle Royale, except it isn't. Infinity Ward have revealed in the interview that they would blow up the classic multiplayer modes, but the Battle Royale is likely to come later.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be released on October 25th 2019 for PC and will soon be available for pre-order at Gamesplanet.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJ-fuJRgqUc

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Any ETA on availability on gamesplanet?

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Should be very soon, likely this week. Just waiting for confirmation from the publisher then we can go live :)


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