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Dragon’s Dogma is a single player, narrative driven action-RPG series that challenges the players to choose their own experience – from the appearance of their Arisen, their vocation, their party, how to approach different situations and more. Now, in this long-awaited sequel, the deep, explorabl...

Windows PC  RPG (Roleplay)
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18 March, 2024 – CraigBGP Team

Actor Ian McShane presents Dragon's Dogma 2 with an extensive trailer

Capcom has hired actor Ian McShane as voice actor for a Dragon's Dogma 2 trailer. Just under 8 minutes from the action RPG - fierce battle scenes included.

British actor and Golden Globe winner Ian McShane (John Wick, Deadwood, American Gods) does the explainer for Capcom. While the almost eight-minute gameplay video plays, McShane explains in his unmistakable voice what is important in this year's role-playing game hopeful Dragon's Dogma 2. Once again, it's the battles with large enemies that stand out in the video. But McShane also goes into the story of the Awakened One (Arisen), introduces the Dragon's Dogma 2 vassal system, travels with you through Vermund, shows you interesting locations and even whips out an exploding fire arrow.

In Dragon's Dogma 2, you walk through the countryside as an Awakened One and find yourself in the middle of a conflict that poses a threat to the entire kingdom of Vermund. Regent Disa had a special plan for her own son: the scion occupies the throne as the supposed Awakened One - but it is you who should take your place there and chase the false Awakened One from court. The beastmen from the neighboring village of Battahl are also a problem. They see minions as bringers of bad luck and try to counteract them accordingly.

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