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14 March, 2017 – CraigBGP Team

Ubisoft fighting back against AFK Farming in For Honor, Bans over 1,500 players

Ubisoft tackles AFK Farming with Swift Justice, not unlike Blizzard in their approach to bans.

Oh dear, looks like some naughty players in For Honor have been abusing the game by AFK Farming to gain rewards without playing it, today Ubisoft have announced they're fighting back and have banned over 1,500 accounts caught doing it with a 3 day ban. The company takes their Code of Conduct very seriously, anyone caught breaking this will receive a temporary ban, continuing to break the rules will result in permanent ban from the game.

1st offense will trigger a warning, then, repeated violations may result in a Ubisoft account suspension applicable on the game (temporary or permanent).

What is AFK Farming?

When players use methods such as pressing a thumb stick on a control in one direction or using a rubber band to weight it down so it appears the player is using an input command so they can go AFK and keep their in-game character moving throughout a match. This allows them to gain end game rewards & XP by doing virtually nothing, as such this kind of abuse is hurting the game and they are taking action again it. By doing this action repeatedly they are "Farming" and allows players to rack up the XP/Rewards they'd normally have to play hours at a time for, all by being AFK.

Players who have been targetted by this abuse will have received an email from Ubisoft, giving an explanation for the ban as well as the length of time for it. These new methods will definitely have an impact on the players who have currently been abusing the mechanic and should hopefully see a decrease in the players doing it. You can read more about the stance from Ubisoft on the Official Site and learn more about what methods they're taking.

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