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GRIP: Combat Racing

GRIP is a high octane, hardcore combat racer, packing ferocious speed and armed to the teeth with heavy weapons.

Windows PC  Action / Arcade & Indie / Sport / Virtual Reality
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09 May, 2019 – CraigBGP Team

GRIP: Combat Racing gets a new free update with Anti-Gravity Racing!

Publisher Wired Productions unveils their latest free update for GRIP: Combat Racing, featuring anti-gravity racers, new tracks and much more. Available today!

Rewrite the laws of physics as publisher Wired Productions is giving their hardcore combat racer GRIP new content that doesn't take gravity laws too seriously. With the new "AirBlades" update, Wired Productions are adding futuristic anti-gravity racers and suitable tracks to GRIP: Combat Racing. Best of all, the update is completely free for all owners of the game!

GRIP: Combat Racing has been filling the gap left by the last Rollcage since the end of 2018. The game picks up the racing flair of the 90's with its rapid arcade racing elements, lets you fight for first place on crazy tracks in the future and if necessary, using powerful weapons to keep the lead against the pack. Since its release and thanks to the constantly growing community, developer Wired Productions has regularly improved GRIP: Combat Racing and expanded the racing game with fresh content. The new AirBlades update turns the physics of GRIP upside down and puts Anti-Gravity Racers on the tracks that defy gravity and give players a chance to race upside down. The update is like Wipeout and Rollcage merged together to create a unique racing experience. You can get a glimpse at what awaits in the latest gameplay trailer!

In a press release, Wired Productions points out that GRIP is now virtually two games. You decide whether you want to ride in classic mode or lower gravity. The AirBlades content is available on all previous tracks, as well as completely new ones that take the racing action into space and beyond. Leo Zullo, Managing Director of Wired Productions commented on the latest update for the game:

“I’m pretty sure if WipeOut and Rollcage hooked up, this is the baby they’d pop out. It’s beyond exciting to finally be able to reveal AirBlades, as we see it as a true game changer and industry first. GRIP is a fantastic game, and thanks to the mighty talented team at Caged Elements for their visionary idea and commitment, gamers are now able to experience an even more truly amazing and unique experience that helps to redefine the racing genre."

The AirBlades update for GRIP: Combat Racing is now available for free via Steam for all owners of the game. Don't have the game yet? Save 15% off the game today!

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