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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

You're Henry, the son of a blacksmith. Thrust into a raging civil war, you watch helplessly as invaders storm your village and slaughter your friends and family. Narrowly escaping the brutal attack, you grab your sword to fight back. Avenge the death of your parents and help repel the invading fo...

Windows PC  RPG (Roleplay)
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16 February, 2018 – CraigBGP Team

Gamesplanet Review Round Up: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Set foot into Bohemia for the open world RPG Kingdom Come Deliverance which is now available to buy, and See how it stacks up among the critics with our review round up.

Just out for a stroll around town with my horse Stanley.

It's been a long time coming, but now finally the wait is over and the Open World RPG Kingdom Come Deliverance has finally arrived. The game puts you in the shoes of Henry, who is the son of the Blacksmith and must avenge his family after tragedy occurs. It will be up to Henry to embark on a quest around Bohemia and get justice by becoming a soldier. As he travels around the huge open world he'll meet a number of characters and take on various quests as he levels his character up with helpful skills that aid him in his journey. You're also given plenty of choices in how to approach situations too, whether you're the type of gamer who likes to fight his way out of an encounter or try the subtle stealth approach. Decisions you make can impact your game and may result in experiencing the game an entirely different way.

To find out more about the game, you can take a look at our dedicated article for everything you need to know about Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Let's dive into the critic scores to see how this latest Open World RPG is doing among the gaming sites! Open Critic currently lists the game at a Fair 72 rating, based on 30 scored reviews.

Tell me the review scores!

Critics on Kingdom Come: Deliverance

"Kingdom Come will break you down. It will humble you. It will remind you that you’ve got a lot to learn. Whether that means making your fingers do more WASD gymnastics than you’ve ever done in a first-person game, or giving you the down and dirty as to the extended "services" provided at a bath house."
Randy Kalista, Gaming Nexus (9/10)

"A good variety of quests keeps things interesting, from large battles and castle sieges, to more sedate activities such as hunting, settling disputes, and robbing wine cellars for drunken lords."
Andy Kelly, PC Gamer (84/100)

"In the end, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a very good and immersive title, but it suffers from technical issues and some surprisingly misguided design decisions."
Marcello Perricone, Game Watcher (8/10)

"Kingdom Come is as stubborn as it is embracing, making for a potentially tumultuous relationship between player and game. But it is a relationship I absolutely feel compelled to nurture."
Robert Zak, PCGamesN (8/10)

"Kingdom Come: Deliverance's large open world is packed full of things to do in a setting many can relate to. It's by no means perfect, which is unfortunately down to the sheer scope of the project for such a small team of developers. Still, you're going to get many hours of entertainment from this game."
Rich Edmonds, Windows Central (3/5)

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