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Better than Command & Conquer? Tempest Rising presented in detail - RTS with potential

Developer Slipgate Ironworks has a hot strategy game on its hands with Tempest Rising and shares a striking similarity to the classic Command & Conquer series. The dev team explains the game and their own ambitions in this video.

Three big names are uniting behind a promising project: Slipgate Ironworks (Ghostrunner), 3D Realms (known for several classics) and publisher THQ Nordic obviously want to continue the legacy of Command & Conquer with the real-time strategy game Tempest Rising. At Gamescom 2022, the development team took the time to present Tempest Rising in detail during the THQ Live Show. Game Director Fred and Producer Malthe will guide you through the first mission of the GDF campaign. Enjoy the 40 minute explanatory video and remember the name Tempest Rising.

Tempest Rising once again presents the earth after a destructive nuclear war, but not our world in some distant future, but that of a fictional 1997 (hopefully a version without Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync). A few years earlier, the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 1960s had already triggered a nuclear war, resulting in the world having to endure a nuclear winter for almost three decades now.

Three major (asymmetrical) factions face each other in Tempest Rising, including the peacekeeping force GDF (Global Defense Forces) and the tougher but desperate Tempest Dynasty, who are first in focus in the dev video, vie for supremacy. Arguably, this also involves a newly discovered resource, the Tempest. Factions in Tempest Rising differ not only visually, but also in terms of units, combat techniques, production chains and economic backgrounds. Players fight for neutral objects on the maps, with individual approaches and flexible customisation options that should work well not only in the single-player campaigns, but also in multiplayer modes. "2 campaigns with 15 missions" have already been announced. I wonder what the third faction is all about?

Tempest Rising Special Features

  • Classic real-time strategy base-building with fast and fluid combat that packs a punch.
  • 3 asymmetrical playable factions with their own economies and individual play styles.
  • Each faction offers a unique roster of units.
  • 2 epic single player campaigns with cutscenes between missions.
  • Skirmishes, custom games and ranked multiplayer player quest with Elo rating.

Tempest Rising doesn't have a concrete release date yet, but should probably be available in 2023. On Gamesplanet we will be able to offer the game soon.

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