LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 06 July, 2016     0

LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens - Dogfight and Blaster Battle Gameplay Vignettes

Something every LEGO pilot needs is aim and a fighter, in LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens you can go head to head in aerial gameplay that will put Rogue Squadron to shame. Relive those movie moments in full LEGO block glory! We're also given a...

Grand Theft Auto V - 06 July, 2016     0

GTA 5 Online update adds new sports car and more Power Play maps!

Take look at this lovely new sports car racing it's way into GTA Online, the Debauchee Seven-70 joins the X80 Proto as another expensive option for your motoring acquisitions. You'll need at least $700,000 though if you want the Debauchee Seven-70...

Just Cause 3 - 06 July, 2016     0

Just Cause 3 Multiplayer - Parachute & (Bavarium) Wingsuit Synchronization

Remember the guys behind the popular Just Cause 2 Multiplayer mod? Well now they're focused on creating a brand new mod for Just Cause 3 and we're taking a look at their most recent work. Progress has been a little slow due to Denuvo anti-tamper...

Tom Clancy's The Division - 06 July, 2016     0

The Division adds Ubisofft Franchise Outfits to the game!

To celebrate Ubisoft's 30th Birthday brand new outfits based on their most famous franchises will be coming to The Division for free today! These include a Sam Fish inspired Stealth suit from Splinter Cell, an outfit from the upcoming Ghost Recon...

06 July, 2016     0

Blizzard suing Overwatch Cheat Makers!

Overwatch may have won over millions of people but there are still some that resort to exploiting the game and hurting the game for others. Blizzard are suing Overwatch Cheat-maker which is a monthly subscription service designed to allow cheats...

Endless Space Emperor Special Edition - 06 July, 2016     0

SEGA acquires Endless series dev Amplitude Studios

SEGA is now adding another studio to it's ever expanding library as they have now picked up Amplitude Studios, the developers for the popular Endless Space series. As part of the deal the upcoming sequel Endless Space 2 (which will launch on...

Fallout 4 - 04 July, 2016     0

Fallout 4 Beast Master mod allows you to dress up monsters and have them as companions!

Want something tough enough to deal with enemies in the wasteland? Grab yourself Fallout 4's Beast Master Mod and become best friends with all kinds of creatures! If that's not enough you're even able to paint them in all kinds of colours (rainbow...

The Assembly - 04 July, 2016     0

The Assembly VR Arrives on July 19th

Now that VR is finally upon us we're getting wave after wave of brand new VR titles for us to experience new things, coming later this month is The Assembly which is a first person interactive story driven game which puts thrusts you into the...

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