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The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is the latest chapter of the award-winning franchise – and will bring the legendary experience online to PC for the first time.

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21 January, 2020 – CraigBGP Team

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor - PC Version Comparison

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor expansion is the next chapter of Bethesda's online role-playing game and it launches on May 26th 2020. Four editions are available for purchase at Gamesplanet and we compare them in our handy comparison Guide to see how each one differs.

Head back to Tamriel for the next chapter in the The Elder Scrolls Online as later this year the Greymoor expansion launches. Set 1,000 years before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, players will explore the snow-swept region of Western Skyrim and face an ancient vampiric army that once plagued Tamriel as part of a year-long gothic adventure. Like with previous TESO expansions, Greymoor will come with multiple versions for all types of players looking to experience the next chapter.

These are the four versions available for pre-order from Gamesplanet, each with their own bonuses:

Worry not! We've put together a handy PC Version Comparison Guide for the next TESO expansion to compare all the editions. One important thing first: If you pre-order TESO: Greymoor from Gamesplanet, you'll get the pre-order extras with every edition, such as the exclusive Holdbreaker Warhorse mount (instant access).

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor PC Version Comparison

TESO: Greymoor's digital Standard Edition and digital Collector's Edition include the base game, Morrowind, Summerset and Elsweyr content. You'll get instant access if you pre-order either version. There are also packages for newcomers to the series, with the Standard or Collector's Edition available to start their journey into Tamriel.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor TESO: Greymoor Upgrade TESO: Greymoor Collector's Upgrade TESO: Greymoor TESO: Greymoor Collector's
Main game The Elder Scrolls Online (Zenimax)
Greymoor content
Morrowind, Summerset and Elsweyr expansions
Holdbreaker Warhorse Mount for pre-orders Pre-Order Pre-Order Pre-Order Pre-Order
Additional extras: Jarl Crown Adornment, Jarl Finery Costume, Sacrificial Pocket Mammoth, Preview Crown Crate, Western Skyrim Treasure Maps, Two Experience Scrolls Pre-Order Pre-Order Pre-Order Pre-Order
Collector's Editions extras: Crypt Warden Death Hound mount, Death Hound companion, Skyrim Emote Pack, Sword Thane Outfit Style, Orb of Magnus memento

*Instant access when pre-ordering the digital version.
**Instant Access and only available with Digital Pre-orders.

TESO: Greymoor Pre-order Bonus

Anyone pre-ordering any version of Greymoor will receive the following bonuses - including instant access to the Holdbreaker Warhorse mount. The rest of the bonuses will be available at launch.

  • Pre-Order Costume: Jarl Finery
    • This rugged but stylish raiment is typically reserved for northern nobility — just more proof of your heroic stature!
  • Pre-Order Pet: Sacrificial Pocket Mammoth
    • Though the arcane markings indicate its status as a sacrificial offering, these creatures often end up trundling along after soft-hearted souls like yourself.
  • Pre-Order Reward: Nightfall Preview Crown Crate
    • A select collection of Nightfall-themed items!
  • Pre-Order Reward: Western Skyrim Treasure Maps
    • A collection of three Western Skyrim Treasure Maps.
  • Pre-Order Adornment: Jarl Crown
    • Crafted from horker leather and metal reworked from weapons, this circlet marks your lofty status among the Nords.
  • Pre-Order Reward: Two XP Scrolls
    • 50% XP scrolls, created by a Priestess of Meridia, to help you get started on your adventures.

TESO: Greymoor Digital Collector's Edition Bonus Content

The Digital Collector's Edition (not the upgrade) has everything that beginners need to venture out into the world of The Elder Scrolls Online, making it the first choice for those who want to get started right away. It includes instant access to the base game, plus the Summerset, Morrowind and Elsweyr chapters - as well as the upcoming Greymoor chapter when it launches.

The Digital Collector's Edition Upgrade only includes the Greymoor expansion and the Collector's Extras. If you pre-order this edition of Greymoor, you also receive all pre-order rewards at launch and immediate access to the exclusive Holdbreaker Warhorse.

The following extras are included in both collector's packages and will be available when Greymoor is released:

  • Exclusive Pet: Death Hound:
    • "I grew tired of the crush of humanity, so I got a Death Hound. Now I can't enter most taverns, but I also don't have people crowding my space."—Theldyn Faden
  • Exclusive Memento: Orb of Magnus
    • Vampirism and sunlight just don't mix. Hide from the oppressive light of Magnus with this memento.
  • Exclusive Mount: Crypt Warden Death Hound
    • Once these death hounds served crypt wardens exclusively, stalking the gloomy barrows of Skyrim in search of prey.
  • Exclusive Outfit Style Conversions: Swordthane
    • Allows you to convert your gear to the Swordthane style.
  • Exclusive Emote Pack: Skyrim
    • Skyrim-themed pack that includes the emotes Arrow to the Knee, Missing Sweetroll, and Ragnar the Red.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor launches on May 26th 2020, you can pre-order one of the four editions from Gamesplanet and secure the pre-order bonuses - including a Warhose mount that you'll receive directly after purchase!

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Liquidhound 1 0

I have the base game and the morrowind + summerset dlc. If i want to play Elsweyr right now should i buy the elsweyr digital upgrade before or the greymoor digital upgrade is enough to get the previous dlc? Regards.

Gamesplanet Avatar
chrisvGP Team 2 0 (Edited)

Hey there – You will need to purchase the Elsweyr Upgrade first to ensure it'll be playable for you. The Greymoor upgrade does not include Elsweyr.

Links: Elsweyr Upgrade / Greymoor Upgrade

Gamesplanet Avatar
Liquidhound 1 0

Thanks for quick anwser !


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