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01 April, 2017 – Shezy

Ghost Recon Wildlands - Region Problem


I recently purchased Ghost Recon Wild lands from Origin. At the time it was installing, Origin showed an activation Key and asked to copy it and paste when Uplay requires for it. So i did it as requested and now Uplay is stating that it is not supported in my Region ?

I am from Sri Lanka. Doesn't it work here ? Origin did not have any regional restrictions stated at the time of downloading. ?

Just to let you know that I previously downloaded Battlefield 1 from Origin and it worked completely fine. So not sure why Ghost Recon Wild lands have a problem ?

Any advise would be grerately appreciated.

Thanks, Shehan.

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LucskaGP Team 1 0 (Edited)

The difference is that BF1 is a Electronic Arts game, the publisher behind Origin, whereas Wildlands is a Ubisoft title. For their titles, if you can buy it, you must be able to activate it. When they sell 3rd party games they're depending on the other publisher restrictions.
In your case, restrictions should have been displayed, like we do (see the orange notice below the packshot). Unfortunately, you'll have to contact Origin support to either get a version of the game non restricted to Sri Lanka or a refund.


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