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Yesterday Origins

John Yesterday becomes immortal following an occult ritual. However, not everything goes to plan. He and his girlfriend Pauline must embark on an investigation to try to reproduce the immortality ritual. But his former acquaintances have other plans for him...

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13 December, 2016 – DarkZeroTV

Yesterday Origins - Part 1 500 years ago PC 60FPS 1440p Gameplay

Review at http://darkzero.co.uk/game-reviews/yesterday-origins-pc

Yesterday Origins is straight up a point-and-click game as they come, bringing all the things from the old days of the genre and does nothing drastic to change from the norm. It might be a short trek for an adventure game, lasting around 6 hours, but what is here is a fascinating tale that manages to do flashbacks in a way to compliment the story its telling. It certainly won't be looked upon as a classic, but what we have here is a game from Pendulo Studios that has some issues with its gameplay, but its style, narrative and characters make it a good, enjoyable time for fans of the genre to look past some of the annoyances that are most likely used to.

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Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSQQYJ54w3w

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