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Description of I am not a Monster: First Contact

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Retro sci-fi tactical turn-based strategy with an exciting storyline. The Albatross space liner is overrun by lizard-like monsters that can infect humans and turn them into their own kind. Save the passengers and defeat the hostile creatures.

A thrilling sci-fi story.
The Albatross spaceship has been taken over by unknown alien lizards. But no monster can escape the unwavering hand of Captain Laser!


  • Over 30 different missions
  • 8 unique heroes
  • Control multiple heroes at the same time
  • Save passengers and discover the secret of the monsters' sudden appearance


  • Captain Laser
    A famous hero of intergalactic battles. He takes a leading role on board the Albatross in the most important battle of his life… and the lives of his fellow passengers.
  • Monsters
    Mysterious creatures that threaten the passengers of the starship. Uncover the true nature of these beasts and find out how to prevent their spread.
  • Passengers
    VIPs, tourists and the crew of the Albatross who come under attack from horrifying monsters.

Starting on January 1 2019, Steam has officially stopped supporting the Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems. Source: Steam

System Requirements von I am not a Monster: First Contact

System Requirements Windows

OS: Windows 7/8/10
CPU: Intel Core i3 560 3.33GHz or higher
Graphics: GeForce 9600 GT/Radeon HD 3870 (512 MB)
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c

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