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Masters of Anima (GOG) - Cover / Packshot
Masters of Anima (GOG) - Cover / Packshot
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Videos and Screenshots Masters of Anima (GOG)

20 April, 2018

Masters of Anima: Accolade Trailer

Last week saw the release of the Action Strategy game Masters Of Anima, which sees players using their powers to control the Anima and summon armies of up to 100 Guardians to do battle wi...

10 April, 2018

Masters of Anima Now Available

The world needs saving and it'll be up to you to harness the power of Anima to save it in Masters Of Anima which is launching today. Unlock powerful abilities, command a large army and fi...

Description of Masters of Anima (GOG)

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Masters of Anima is an original adventure game that takes you deep into the magical world of Spark. Battle against the forces of evil in strategic, action-packed battles, where making tactical decisions quickly is vital. Summon and control large armies of up to 100 Guardians, thanks to intuitive and innovative gameplay made from the ground up for controller play, as well as keyboard and mouse.

Play as Otto, an apprentice of Anima gifted with incredible powers and covet the rank of Master to finally marry your betrothed Ana - captive of the terrible Zahr and his fearsome Golems!

Use the powers of Anima to summon an army of magical Guardians. During your adventure, learn to control new types of Guardians, each with their own unique abilities useful for exploring the world of Spark, as well as for taking down formidable bosses on your way. Acquire new powers for both yourself and your Guardians, and become a true Master of Anima.

Save your fiancée - and maybe even the world while you’re at it!

System Requirements Masters of Anima (GOG)

Windows Minimal

OS: Windows 7/8/10
CPU: Intel Core i3 2125 @ 3.3 GHz | AMD FX 4100 @ 3.6 GHz
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 @ 1 GB | AMD Radeon HD 7790 @ 1 GB


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"Ultimately, this is a game that came out of nowhere to take me on a surprise journey I never imagined I'd want to be on and I loved every second of it."

"It isn't exactly new or original, but Masters of Anima deserves to be a sleeper hit. It's a fun, polished fantasy riff on Pikmin, with the sort of visual style that made the..."

"A beautiful game with a simple, engrossing theme running throughout it all. You might think you've seen something like Masters of Anima before, but it has more to offer than it would..."



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